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You’re getting downvoted but I’m with you - no vax but if you want to take it go for it. Just don’t you ever hold my job or my travel over my head on such shoddy fucking data and evidence ever again.

That’s my problem not that it exists or that people promote it - it’s that they tried to force it on us through any means necessary

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If we don’t stop him diabetes and heart disease will.

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dude looks like the human equivalent of a cheese burger.

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This isn’t real. It’s not on the subreddit anyway.

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I would say shoot them. Except that whole shall not be infringed thing was far to confusing for portlanders. Far less confusing to them - ordering soy lattes.

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We’re not going to bail them out.

What we will do is structure a capital raise from a shell bank that is operated by the federal reserve to make sure that the capital is available to the affected parties. It will look like a legit private capital injection but the fed will be behind it.

Not a bail out but a bail in - it’s totally different.

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I was just thinking it would be hilarious to see the lefts reaction to a Based version of DEI bullshit like companies that had a MAP department a Meritocratic American Patriot department that forced its values on a company how hard would they scream fascist

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Hopefully the lesion can live out its days free from its cancerous host.

by Tesic
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Why was it classified in the first place?

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Dude it’s right side up in my phone no idea why PDW rotates it.

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“Row artitude saterite”

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The violated your god given right to speech. They robbed you of your right to representation by tipping the scales to favor the establishment. They robbed you of your right to property by printing trillions causing the purchasing power of every dollar you make to drop by 20% or more. They robbed you of your right to work by making your employment dependent on a vaccine. Your elected officials robbed you of all this by asking social media to gaslight and astroturf and censor you.

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We got busted for using this illegally so now nobody gets it! However it might be the best thing to happen to the country since it’s founding in the long run.

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