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They aren't voting, and no one asked them.

In truth the majority of the community hasn't given it much thought because unlike whites, the most gullible group in America, they already knew it was all BS.

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CBS report. Go buy Hershey's and Trader Joe's chocolate.

Dead serious.

If it harmed you they wouldn't report it. There must be something beneficial for them in reporting it and therefore harmful to you.

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God Smite the King.

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They don't vote genius. Their poll workers vote for them.

That's the scam.

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You sound vaccinated.

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Nope. I disagree. This government is not of, by or for the people. It was not formed because society wanted it.

This dictatorship is being imposed by force in order to drastically cut the size of the world population.

It's pure satanism. Unrelated to any human ideology.

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It is not possible unless you work for the Feds or are a professional like a lawyer or doctor.

Any other field will not pay enough to live close to work. If you live far from work you now can't afford gas.

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Total boomer comment.

Employment and inflation stats are a lie. You can't survive on one income unless you are in a highly selective professional field or work for the Feds.

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Please try and process the material in front of your face.

The unlimited power of the federal government DECREES, as in, ORDERS our society to do what it DEMANDS.

Everything you see around you is not the result of a decaying culture or those brainwashed NPCs in the cubicle next to you.

It is by GOVERNMENT DESIGN. Power is being used, coercive power, to straightjacket America into this hellhole.

Musk has revealed to us the nuts and bolts of how this is working every hour of every day.

Government employees are receiving paychecks and, on order from their superiors, oppressing all of American society.

That is the reality.

So please f* off with your discussion of schools and propaganda. Neither were anything like this as little as 10 years ago. There was no 50 year creep to this point. What there is is a dictatorship that flipped a switch and began outright oppression of every inch of American life.

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You thought you had a 1st amendment. Turns out you didn't.

Same goes for every amendment. Your rights can't be "saved" from the dictatorship, they have already been taken.

Likewise for the Constitution. It's been trashed.

The federal government tells you how high to jump and you jump. Only difference is when they tell you they say "oops, this is a crisis. Everything's different now. Jump."

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Brownie points for anyone who notices that the FBI and not the DNC or any politician is the one doing this.

It's not the politicians folks, it's never been.

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50%? Ha. Over 50% of their power use is gone, but what power is left either can't be distributed or goes to the war effort.

No private citizen has a full night of power/heat anymore unless they have their own generator.

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RNC serves the Feds. It's purpose is to control political activity of right wing minded people to enable whatever policy the federal government decides it wants to implement.

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An entire cottage industry has been built around these fraudulent elections.

All of this data is, by definition, made up. It's fraudulent. All of the expert commentary on made up data is therefore a lie.

The entire world projected on television and radio and in print is by definition a fantasy. It cant be real because all the data they're using isn't real.

Just turn on any news feed in this country and the minute it turns to politics you know for certain all you're getting is a myth. Literally tens of thousands of "journalists" are weaving this completely false version of America every single day. Most are Democrats but there's a vast number of controlled opposition too.

To overcome the fraud you must accept that it is real. Many here haven't done that completely. The propaganda tells you every single day theres no fraud at all. So people put what they know and the propaganda together and they still think in their heart of hearts that fraud is an exception and not the rule.

You cannot ever trust the propaganda. When it comes to politics it has nothing to offer. The premise it operates with is a myth.

When it comes to real political outcomes (who has power) its always decided by fraud. If you treat politics like sportsball sure our side can score "points" but it never has any power (McCarthy is a RINO for example).

We need to refresh that mentality in ourselves every moment we think about this problem or we'll never fix it.

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Notice how I have -2 and you have +5 for essentially the same comment.

Do you think patriots.win is legit?

I broke the matrix here. Starting to think this site is just a honeypot.

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Hate to break it to you...most are not actually voting.

The amount of fraud in many of these states is staggering.

Your stats are heavily influenced by fraud. You should stop speaking like a vote represents a person. We know it clearly doesn't.

What is likely happening is the fraudsters are selecting female names when they stuff ballots because it seems more plausible to pollsters when the fraudulent result is announced.

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Republic is gone. Not at risk. Gone.

You are now in a competition with a dictatorship.

There are rules to this game too, and you can play it, but don't ever delude yourself into thinking anything will be a fair fight. It never will be.

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They print ballots that will not go in the machine, forcing the curing process so that election officials have a chance to choose who votes and who doesnt.

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Dude, hate to break it to you, but this is how dictatorships work.

You can't play the game well enough to win. The judge is not impartial. That's not how any of this works anywhere else on earth.

It's painful reading much of what I see here. There aren't real elections anymore and there isn't real election law.

It's a sham. That's all it is. It's an imitation of fairness, they always permit the imitation to go just far enough where it can't change the outcome but makes you think the system is legitimate.

Stop playing the game. Burn the board and punch the opponent.

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Mob works for the CIA.

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Your just spreading fear to tamp down what you know is coming.

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