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Ya there’s the Barton Creek Mall and the lake line which I live next to….which is mostly empty and a farmers market on the weekend. The KkK must be having a hard time terrorizing malls with so little of them left.

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There’s an outlet mall that’s mostly teenagers and non Americans getting duty free crap…other than that there’s no malls in Round Rock. Absolute bull shit.

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Makes sense. College kids are the most out of touch with reality. Hope whoever thought this up is getting fired.

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Wow I’ve never watched anything on the sandy hook shooting. I thought AJ might just be a little crazy but damn that’s some real evidence of a hoax.

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Pretty much America exists bc a few people wanted religious exemptions.

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I used to think most people were just ignorant but then I keep hearing the phrase “so in so got covid, but thank God they had their vaccine or they would have died or be hospitalized”

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I’m so thankful me and my baby girl are out of the hospital. I gave birth in August and was berated for not getting the vax a few days before I was due. Then I was belittled by doctors (not nurses) after she was born and in the Nicu. I still haven’t even taken her to the pediatrician. I can’t stand being around doctors after that experience.

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Congratulations! Babies are so sweet.

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Of course, being a degenerate makes people controllable. Sick behavior causes shame and a lack of self respect. Then people think “well, I’m already a POS what’s one more shitty thing?”

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They’ve terrified these children with lies of death and destruction. Some of these moms have basically made covid into some evil monster in their basement waiting to devour any maskless child. Then they get this magical shot and the demon dies.

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Trump showed me how nobody wants to get anything done…ever. But it can get done….these things Obama said needed a magic wand. I’ll never look at the uniparty Congress the same.

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Happening here in Austin too. I can’t believe our Prop A didn’t pass to refund the police.

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Hope you didn’t order a Bloody Mary like these “ladies” did.

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