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Take solace in the fact that heart disease is going to take her quite early.

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I do get frustrated when my husband brags about how many guns we have to our neighbors. They are good people and my son plays with their son everyday, but they also love following rules.

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During the darkest parts of the lockdown, those comments brought me joy

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And run by the most faggots

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I went to a “relational care” group of counselors after my husband and I lost our baby and we’re on the verge of divorce. They were Christians but it wasn’t overly biblical. The advice was concrete and saved our marriage. They also could refer us to a psychologist or psychiatrist that weren’t liberal.

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I bet that chick is just jealous. She’s probably fat and alone and only unpacks donuts and cat toys.

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Here in Austin, they abuse us with property taxes as well.

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Is this the car dealership guy? Also, you had me at property taxes

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Auditing fraud seems like the most American way to honor those who gave their lives for freedom!

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I bet most dems believe it was the morally right thing to do stealing the election...deplorables are idiot children to them. Like the Times article says it’s not cheating it’s “fortifying democracy”

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Hah and if that doesn’t work you can ship lap right over it

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I mean besides being the whitest places in America. Most people I met were farmers and fishermen but then MassHoles come up in the summer and spread their socialist poison

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It takes an actual sense of humor so I’m with you

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I’m pregnant and I had a few glasses here and there before I knew. But even having a sip now gives me devastating heartburn. I’ll have my usual celebratory cocktail in September when they’re born and off my bladder.

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