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"Conservative voting with a hyper liberal school board"

Yeah, thats not conservative

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And comer makes sure to tippy toe only looking at 20 transactions instead of auditing the entire fucking account and all accounts

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I dont understand why all unions dont strike right now, democrats always make sure we cave to the demands of unuins. Its in their interest to strike else you are just throwing money away

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Out of touch? I havent seen one protest kr march telling these people no, and they are still getting votes

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Most people call them boomers.

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Your country was conquerwd as you sit there and do nothing. Makes complete sense to me

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That might have been the spark, but I feel underlying it all was a far simpler idea... That no person shall be 'above' another . . . And we have lost that. If biden wanted to go to any one of our houses and rape your children, there is no force on this planet big enough to stop that from happening.... Evil has won.

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Its degined as muhbbillionaire eat the rich tropes... so just the big names have to pay more.... thats what they tried doing in Seattle. Hint: no more than 2 years later they were raising it again.

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Loland now all jobs in aifornia are devalued to basic burger flippers

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It says "so watcha gonna do about it?" Basically

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Those moms made their choices before the kid was even born dont kid yourself

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Rrreeeeeeeeeeeeee hr complaint filed! Some isnt as miserable as my cats & I !!!!!

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