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Agreed. Problem is that we now have GPS and cameras everywhere.

Even if you ditch your phone, they likely already have plotted your routes and know so much about where you go that they can predict the new places you would now go to.

Unsure what the answer is, but a major answer to them is imminent, or we are over.

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Unfortunately I can't find the video.

Ray Epps was in the video, but it had a breakdown that showed orange tape discreetly on a backpack, same discreet orange marking on a hat and wrapped the whole story together on the entirely staged event.

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How can any window licking, crayon eating, liberal not see this man won BY A LANDSLIDE. Come on State Senators DECERTIFY the 2020 stolen election!> >

Who the fuck down votes this patriotic statement from this pede??

Me thinks commies have infiltrated the commie free internet sanctuary patriots.win!

Get to the chopper!!

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Fuck that, we must overrun Texas with LEGITIMATE AMERICAN CITIZENS and defend our own fucking border from our own illegitimate government.

Problem is how to organize.

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Hopefully will during his imminent transition..

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Guess they're quarantining in DC until DC achieves herd immunity.

...or they should

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I stick them on the metal box for donations under mcds drive thru windows.

Bathrooms above the door get high visibility too.

I may jump out at intersections at off hours at busy intersections too.

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Live in town next door and watching this story unfold since this am.

Dudes seemed peaceful and appeared to want to do the right thing.

He posted 3 real time streams to his YouTube, one that he doxxed himself with by giving his phone number to the cops during the stream.

I'd have let them go.


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Must've been Corn Pop, he's a helluva guy

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Was just going to say the same exact thing !

Smart, good looking and fun?

She's a unicorn and will need to be captured (hot vs crazy matrix)!

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Interesting verbiage, it almost sounds like the call!

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I'd like to solve the puzzle Pat.

An Erection, Codemonkey Z is trying to incite an erection.

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I had one of these printed at signsonthecheap.com because vistaprint rejected printing it for a list of bullshit reasons.

I modified a bit and made Fauci works for the globalists And I finished with President Trump returns before 2024.

Been up for a month, no vandals yet in MA.

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...and he resembles a combo of pee wee Herman crossed with "Beetlejuice" Lori Lightfoot.

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My official response: fuck that guy Schiff.

Fact that he's in office at all screams election fraud.

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Let me check if I'm confident.

Jill, where are my handlers?

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