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I"m self employed and live in a small town.

I've seen my town suffer during lockdowns. Two small restaurants went balls up.

I have friends who lost everything. When you have a small business and a family to support, you might not be so quick to judge.

The government is to blame. Not the business owners..

Take some time to consider the impact on a family owned business. Are you going to step up and cover their bills when the state shuts them down?

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He just want's to push some shit off the credenzas in your offices.

Completely harmless.

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Do you own a small business that allows you to feed your family?

When Deblasio shuts his business down, are you going to sweep in and support his fucking family because "everyone is responsible"?

No you won't. You come across as a tough guy with brass balls, but you've got no skin in the game.

You're going to blame the small business owner instead of the Mayor.

Got it.

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Hillary needs to be dragged into a hearing to prove to us little people that we have equal protection under the law.

We're tired of this shit.

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Comedic and based.

Very few dared challenge his conservative views, because they were too busy laughing.

His "Hillary Lied" shtick at Weekend Update was a meme before memes were even a thing.

He knew what he was doing.

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I'm old enough to remember. He wasn't a good man, because he was an advocate more than a provider.

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When you don't know it's a joke until you get slapped by the punch-line at the end, that's the perfect political meme.

The left hates it, and they can't respond in kind. They despise humor and intellect.

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Children, BTW, are at more risk of dying from the flu.

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I don't blame the restaurant for enforcing a stupid rule to avoid fines and shutdown.

They suffered enough during lock-downs and many are barely hanging on.

Anger should be focused on the Mayor.

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Their distribution is being limited by the CDC.

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A very reasonable comparison.

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