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Let them sing praise to their false gods in their cities. Never let them foist it on the rest of our nation.

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Biden promised them a vacation with free travel and a nice hotel room, while we have Veterans sleeping on the street.

Priorities are all fucked up.

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Since you're keeping track, how long ago was that?

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Yeah. I acknowledged that. So what's changed? What's new?

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Who has the privilege here? Kneeling before assholes in the name of God? Don't think so,

Based on the masks, this is probably an older video, but who cares?

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The science be clear on dis shit.

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If you don't get it, that's not our fault.

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The key is it was a community driven solution, not federally or state mandated.

Leave us alone, and we can work it out.

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When I was in HS, in the late 70's, one of the gym teachers didn't keep us in the gym when it rained.

He'd take us outside in a downpour and teach us how to play rugby, because the field was soft when it rained.

He'd point to two people, announced they were captains, and have them pick their teams.

No one wanted to be picked last, but that's reality.

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What "is" some things. Modern education.

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