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And Pete's Cayuga, down town, where mom and daughter would say - "It's late Kevin. You know where the fucking beer is. Just grab one."

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There was the North 40 which was a dance bar, and then on the other side of the lake was The Rongovian Embassy. I saw BB King there, and did the Bastard Series. Good times.

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Seriously. Nobody gave a flying fuck.

There was a black club that had probably 20% white membership because coming from the neighborhood meant more than the color of one's skin.

I hate my Alma mater.

Reaching out to you, Hester

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Go fist you self, ya commie bastahd..

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Do your culture back in that place when you was Kangs.

Fuck. I typed that out loud.

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You are not the boss of Zuby. Deal with it.

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We don't have a dog in this fight. I hate these people.

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And Lefties cry, because they hate success.

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My son was a good player, but the coach's son was the catcher.

Might as well just prop up a piece of fucking plywood.

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We are so enriched by having a Somali refugee in Congress.

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He probably drops in from time to time, and I appreciate him protecting his brand.

We've got your back, Zuby.

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