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I told people Garfinkel would become a problem.

Although, he's far from alone.

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Satanists always go for the kids.

It's expected.

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Because the situation is so horrible, and normies are so worthless, that all we can do is complain until death arrives at our doorsteps.

There's your daily black pill.

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The parallel economy can't come soon enough.

We better be ready to defend it.

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Oh, it is Austin Powers-level lol.

This is the end result of every criminal dynasty that inbreeds for excessive periods of time. Descendants become delusional and can't be satisfied with worldly comforts.

That's why they conquer and consoom. It's like a drug addiction. And the current ruling bloodlines are WELL passed their expiration date. They attempted to cheat nature with the "New World Order", but failed miserably (multiple times, starting with the "League of Nations").

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There's a reason "they've" been in power for so long.

Their agents are EVERYWHERE, and their methods are so subtle (at first), that most normies won't even see the subversion. It's masked under the natural progression of society.

This is the privilege of generational wealth and inbreeding.

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That's because the Democrats are Karens, meth-heads, and ungrateful miroirties (and dead people).

They'd love living in a third world shit hole.

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Imagine being pro-censorship in 2022 😂

Lol eat a bag of dicks, you holier-than-thou JIDF CUNT. Go report that to your FBI handlers.

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We can no longer live with Democrats.

It's too dangerous. They'll "vote" us right into the third world.

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That's how you know that they've successfully destroyed our morale.

We wouldn't dare throw our lives away for "the greater good". That only happened when there are still "strong men".

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They're goal isn't to unite people or cause a civil war.

There goal is Venezuela, with a social credit and digital ID system. We're supposed to become filthy mindless slaves that labor away for our "superiors".

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The banks just hoist these kid-fucking degenerates up, and let them demolish our society.

It's not hard. It just requires a bottomless pit of money and no morals.

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You get it.

Might as well get right with God. This is no doubt the end of the Republic.

The WEF/CCP (Beast) is INVESTED in our demise. Let that sink in. They've "purchased" our futures. We're supposed to just live in pods, take mandatory poison injections, and eat the bugs.

We are to be mocked, ridiculed, and spit on by the transnational Elite, as we dig our own graves.

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Gonna get WAY worse.

This is a cabal of pedophiles attempting to purge anyone who wants to see them face justice. We're letting them do all of this, btw.

They should've been dealt with ages ago.

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The good people will be locked behind bars (or worse), while the kid-fucking Satanists are allowed to terrorize the helpless masses.

Seems legit.

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