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I'll concede easily that you're far more optimistic than I am, but I think that you misunderstood what I meant; possibly because of my phrasing.

Indoctrination is not a binary state: there are subtle shades along the way as one's ego is replaced with a mere puppet to something they don't truly understand. Up to a certain point, they can be brought back with varying success, and the question becomes how much effort you want to expend on an effort you'll very likely never be thanked or remunerated for; I suppose it depends on how selflessly compassionate you are, and I'll grant without question that you'd be far more willing to undertake that than me.

Still, that having been said, I think we can both agree to varying degrees of distaste that there are those who are truly lost, and for whom no amount of true reconciliation can be reached. The longer they've been indoctrinated, the more calcified the set of false beliefs, ideas, and facts is in their minds, and most importantly the more their sense of self-worth and personal prosperity is based upon the ideology, the more the person vanishes beyond the threshold that they can't be recalled from.

For example, take the person who got one of those useless activist degrees in college, who now makes their living by working for a community activism group funded by wealthy Elite interests, who acts as a sort of sheep-herder for the Black Bloc/BLM/Antifa mobs that sow domestic terror; the ones that you can see in any such event if you keep an eye out for them, the ones that typically stand in the back with a bullhorn and/or other communication devices. Depending on how exposed they act, they might already have a rap sheet for all the times they got snagged in the dragnets. Do you really see that person trying to make a radically different life for themselves? No, more than likely they'll refuse, because the alternative is probably a retail job that they'll never get because of the criminal record. Like a Made Man from the Mafia, they're in too deep to truly get out.

These people are lost causes, pure and simple, but the upside is that they're almost certainly a small percentage of the overall gestalt left as we know it. I agree that many can be brought back, because many are more than likely just going through the motions out of fear of social pressure and ostracization. When the veil is lifted and people once again feel they can speak and act freely, I truly wouldn't be surprised if >80% of what we see as the radical left vanishes overnight and says as much openly, and they become a big part of the solution of finishing off the work of returning to normalcy; some of them might take longer to recover, but they can do so organically without any intervention. The rest will probably take some work on a local level, but eventually since all of this ideology is largely a fad, social mores will fix it and people close to them can do the rest.

To pretend we can save them ALL, however, is bordering on hopelessly naive; it's a sad truth, but you can't save everyone, no matter how hard you try. The ones that remain unrepentant must be pushed to the margins so that they can't sneak back into the places of influence to begin this cycle anew; our complacency and misplaced compassion is what's allowed this to happen in the first place, and thinking that everyone can be redeemed is how we'd just be pushing this down the road for a generation. It's a hard notion, to be sure, but when you consider what's at stake, it's a necessary one.

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The people who'd dismiss him on surface details, would dismiss any argument he had that disagreed with their worldview. The whole point of indoctrination isn't just to fill their head with a bunch of nonsense in order to control them; it's to make them incurious to any information contrary to that control. That's why they're programmed with a ton of triggers that are meant to shut down rational thought and create an emotional tirade so that they never question their beliefs.

Only the people on the borderline can be possibly brought back from the brink; the rest are a totally lost cause and the best you can do is marginalize them.

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I'd say Charlamagne sold out, but the fact that he routinely sits on a literal gilded throne speaks for itself. Biden literally questioned his blackness to his face; to a man who supposedly comes from 'the streets', where questioning a Black man's blackness will very often get you killed... and Charlamagne sat there and took it like a bitch without any kind of serious pushback.

All you have to do is look at how the Breakfast Club has handled interviews like the one with Larry Elder and Vivek Ramaswamy to see how staggeringly biased their standards are.

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This is almost certainly retaliation for Abbott sending <1% of what he has to deal with on a daily basis over to the blue districts by bus. When you pair this with the Biden Administration's proposal to keep ankle monitors on illegals so they don't leave Texas, but are free to enter it, that tells you all you need to know.

They want to be able to control the flow of illegals, and they want that flow to be very far from their districts so that the people they've indoctrinated don't realize that Democrat policy has Democrat consequences.

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They've made it practically impossible to reform the system; either gut it to the bone in order to clear out all the rot, or just consign the country to collapse and then rebuild from that. Either way, it's gone past the point that voting alone will fix the job; the leadership caste that's arisen in the last couple generations is too calcified to be removed politely.

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The problem is that Fetterman can wear suits, and his handlers can get him suits to wear, it's that Fetterman's only image in the public is that he looks like a plumber or some other blue collar guy, and him wearing those clothes makes it seem to the unaware that he's a common man, when he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has always been a rich boy.

Bottom line, if he can't wear shorts, sneakers, and a hoodie, he's literally got nothing left, and all he'd be is all he is: a mongoloid who was upjumped well past his deserved station in life, which at this point would be disability recipient.

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Hell, The Dude was able to solve a fairly complex mystery by the end of the movie; of course he dumb lucked himself into a number of situations that helped him along.

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I mean, it was widely and enthusiastically known at the time that NFTs were a fool's gambit in a best-case-scenario situation. I mean, nothing's a mortal lock in economics, but paying real cash money for something you needed a philosophy degree to explain the value of was a venture doomed to failure, and only the most loopy of the crypto types bought into it; or celebrities who knew jack-all about how it worked, but wanted to seem like they were 'cool' or 'hip' and/or 'with it'.

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Yes, but the Pfizer bit is more relevant since it's widely believed that Pfizer was largely responsible for O'Keefe's ousting since his last major story was the Pfizer exec who had a psychotic breakdown when he was busted; it was possibly the biggest embarrassment the company's had.

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He started a new network shortly after he was forced out of PV; he calls it O'Keefe Media Group (OMG).

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Meh, O'Keefe was the heart and soul of PV, and he was back up making content in like a couple weeks; he just recently did a piece on his new channel "O'Keefe Media Group" detailing Pfizer execs doing side-jobs on local government boards.


Far as I'm concerned, the work itself was hardly interrupted, and if anything all they did was make O'Keefe all the more dedicated.

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Not really: if you've been keeping up with his new organization "O'Keefe Media Group (OMG)", they JUST did a piece detailing how people associated with Pfizer are insinuating themselves into local school boards and other local political entities.

If Pfizer thought they'd stopped O'Keefe, all he's done is demonstrated that what PV did before can still be done at a fraction of the cost. Link below.


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Chances are, not a single one of the people calling her book racist even read the book. Chances are, everyone but the handlers didn't know this woman existed until 5 minutes before they entered the room, and were instructed to use the usual scripts against her.

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They always try to tar and feather you with one of two things: some kind of racial or sexual offense. When you consider that racist ideology and sexual degeneracy are basically 85% of all the thought of the left these days, it makes sense that they'd be the prime sources of slander used against their opponents.

I think some of the more esoteric accusations they levied against Trump, like the whole nothingburger of the document storage, fell apart largely because they weren't 'sexy' accusations, in that their intended audience of the left knows nothing about how official documents should be stored, but they hear 3 fake r*pe stories a day on social media.

Fortunately, this has almost no shot of moving forward on a legal level, and time and again it's been proven that you can't be cancelled if you don't allow yourself to be cancelled. That Brand got ahead of his accusers with a video explaining how they're going to do him dirty, means he's not going to knuckle under and disappear; if anything he's going to become MORE vocal.

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That you think this has had anything to do with that guy is more indicative of where your head is at than mine. I've tried to help, but I have failed; I have failed because you're committing to being the lowest common denominator, and for that I pity you. Now, I will forget you forever.

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The sheer volume of irony that you're completely oblivious to in this moment is staggering.

Fine, writhe in virtual silence, then; you had a shot to speak substantively, and you chose childish tantrums instead. The gall of you claiming it's others who are hypocrites and thus claiming some faux moral highground is galling.

I can walk away from this knowing I did my best, demonstrating that I've been a better person than you; in the fullness of time, you'll come to regret what you've done with your time on this platform, and feel ashamed, but I'm blocking you now, because you're a lost cause for the forseeable future, so go stew in your own juices alone, as ever.

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You should get to your points in fewer words. I only got so much time.

By your own admission, and your comment history, you've got all the time in the world.

Did you hear that term "fruitless ventures" a lot, while growing up? I mean, look at your response, how long did it take you to PISS AWAY the minutes there? What about your minutes mr. busy body.

No, we're not doing that here; there's no point trying to pull the troll routine when we've had an entire conversation about that. A magician's out of a job the moment the people can see the dove already in the hat and the card up his sleeve. I get that this is all you know how to do, apparently, but you're like an addict slipping into the familiar routine, when we both know it's not working for you. I reiterate points that I want to emphasize, which if anything I apparently haven't done enough, because you're still engaging in this.

I've told you, and I think you understand, that this isn't helpful for you, but I can't help you if you don't want to be helped. If you want to talk about a particular issue in a rational and respectful fashion, I'm here; if you want to just be a troll and disappoint everyone including yourself as to your wasted potential, then I can just do what most people who encounter you do: block/report, then forget you exist, as you increasingly scream impotently into an electronic void.

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So, wait, you're ironically living a contradiction here, because by your own admission, you know that this place is more logically consistent than Reddit, because we actually ban for good reason rather than enforcing echo chambers, yet you intentionally stay away from the far more fertile ground. Trying to get a rise out of people here is going to succeed about as much as trying to squeeze blood from a stone, when all you have to do is exist on Reddit and someone will tell you, at length, how offended they are.

Clearly, you know how to make disposable alt accounts, so is the real reason just plain laziness? If someone like Stein offends you so much because he's a hypocrite, then aren't you kinda guilty of the same thing?

No disrespect, but you are JUST being a troll; there's no deeper purpose or goal here, by your own admission. People like you are cheaper than a dime a dozen on Reddit, yet you come HERE, where you have to know by now you're not going to get any play. You're not fooling anyone, other than perhaps yourself, that there's anything more to this than that. Everyone here obviously sees you for what you are, nobody's going to really give you what you want, it's a matter of time before you either get banned or enough people block you that you're effectively shadow banned, and the whole time you're convincing nobody of anything other than you're a bargain basement troll.

If you have a genuine argument or a belief system you want to try to impress upon people, something that shows genuine thought or consideration, you'd find a lot more positive and useful responses here... but that'd take work, and a troll's life is one lived on Easy st.

Something to consider, so that you're not just pissing away the minutes of your life on fruitless ventures.

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Quick follow-up question: okay, given you've admitted you're a troll, why come here, of all places? If all you're interested in is getting kicks, I wouldn't really say this platform is going to give you what you want; this platform has a community that's largely gotten tired of people like you, who want to get a rise out of them, and have nothing to say. It's like trying to scratch someone who's got armor on; you might find a weak spot here or there and get a mild rise, but you're not really going to get anything other than mild annoyance, and most people who come to this platform understand it's more effective to simply block and report you than to try and engage you in any serious discussion.

In short, it almost feels like you're spitting in the wind here; honestly, you'd be better served going over to Reddit and trying to get a rise out of the people who're still on that fetid pile; they LOVE getting triggered over every little thing, to the point that some will make entire posts to try and claw back some kind of win over the person they felt slandered them. Compared to that bountiful landscape, all you'd really get here is thin gruel. Now, I know that given this community and your desire to troll, you're possibly a leftist and wouldn't want to strike against a platform that at this point is like 95% leftists, but have no fear: those people over there are actively eating each other alive, so I feel confident that you'll find one sub where the ideology isn't pure enough for you, and you can go completely ham on them, knowing you'll get everything you want and then some. Just consider it, because a troll on this platform isn't an annoyance, it's a mild curiosity, which really doesn't serve either side very well.

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Given his response to me, I'm inclined to conclude you're correct. The world doesn't lack for immature who desperately want to speak, but have nothing to say.

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It makes sense in a world increasingly ruled by arbitrary customs and with no legitimate foundation of values that people would just decay into fads and increasingly self-destructive hedonism.

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Can I ask a sincere question? You're obviously a troll, because your profile's a week old, all your comments are from the last chronological day, and they're all universally negative and incredibly aggressive and rude.

The question is: what do you get out of this? You clearly don't agree with anyone or anything here, you're just 'spreading hate' as the Reddit types would say, and you don't seem to really be enjoying your time here, so is it that you've got some kind of masochism thing going on, do you think you're 'owning' us, or is this antagonism filling some kind of psychological void?

I guess to sum up, is this an alternative to cutting yourself, or do you think you're actually accomplishing something here with this? I'm genuinely curious.

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Can't wait for them to happen, and we end up finding out that a bunch of people who had weed on their rap sheets and were just blanket pardoned were in there for some serious shit, and they end up killing like a bus full of nuns the day they're let out of prison, because that's basically how their 'catch and release' policy with criminals has been thus far. Let me just say, I preemptively feel sorry for the many victims this tactics will inevitably cause the people in their respective communities.

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Still, it's odd that he'd volunteer to drop out this early; makes me wonder if there's some scandal that's going to get out soon, and he wants to try and get out of the building before it blows up. Either way I agree: it always looks better on paper to have quit, rather than getting fired.

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