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You are a lot nicer than I would be. I'd not open my door because my family members would be the first to rat me out and put me and my hubby and kiddos in danger.

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I say that to family and friends and I get that weird stare like I'm some sort of nutjob.

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I think they are planning something so horrific that they don't want us to have any avenue to communicate with others on what do we do about it.

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Out of the cameras view, I'd say the best thing to do would be to quietly reach your hand behind and grab his balls and squeeze until he turns purple, but let go if anyone catches on to what you are doing.

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With all the cameras in that woman's face, she knew it was all a set up. If she did anything to push back that asshole, she'd face jail time. Heck, the thug even said to someone else, "Don't touch! You touch, you die".

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The lefturds are known for taking things out of context on purpose.

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When you are trying to save a nation of over 350 million people, and every demon is after you, and you know you have to stay afloat to keep the goal in mind. J6 is harsh, sure, but I think Trump has had a lot to do to keep himself and this nation on a forward path. I'm in NO WAY saying the J6 people are not a priority, but Trump needs to be first and foremost clear so he can do what needs to be done when he can. Think of it this way. On an airplane, the pilot gives the safety speech every time. He says that in the event of an emergency, or crash, SAVE YOURSELF FIRST, THEN YOU CAN HELP OTHERS. Can't help others if you are drowning, too.

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I know, right? That voice is alluring.

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Maybe make a post here on the matter. I'd love to hear what you have to say.

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Just walk by and pretend you tripped and fell into them.. Oh, did I say this? DON'T DO THIS.

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Stocking up on food and other essentials should have been started and continued the day Biden was forced into office. If the banks start collapsing tomorrow, if one can, get some buckaroos out of the bank and get to that grocery store and buy up anything and everything that is storable like soups, veggies, meats in cans, freeze dried berries, and lots of coffee beans (they last longer than already ground so get a hand crank grinder) and finally, BOOZE! People will need booze to get themselves through the first few months of chaos until they realize what is happening. Getting some precious metals, even tho it has recently gone up, is smart, too because Uncle Sam will want whatever is the current currency for you to pay your bills. Every country in the world will trade whatever fake currency is acceptable at the moment so you can pay your bills.

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I'm pretty sure she vomits right after and then runs home for her 750ml of vodka every night.

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Are you organizing and posting here on this site or anywhere else? ....... Didn't think so. Be careful out there, folks. While we meme and bitch and moan, commies take shit literally and hold it against you later.

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I suspect a repeat of tactics like what occurred J6. Feds and antifa dressed as Trump supporters making riots, telling people to get armed and fight, and other things so that anyone who's a Trump supporter will be hunted down by the criminals in DC and imprisoned. It's a round about way of getting people without putting them on trains.

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Interestingly gold shot up almost $70/oz just yesterday alone. Up $153 within the past 30 days. Someone knows something is up. A lot of people are ok with paying more now since they see some kind of handwriting on the wall. Better late than never.

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Yes, gold jewelry can be melted down into bars after the scrap metal has been separated from the gold content.

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Yes. Because isn't there a time limit to press charges? Like a statute of limitations?

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My constant eye rolling is giving me headaches. Ughhh!

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I never got to watch the series of movies back in the day so I just recently finished watching all of them. What I got out of the Harry Potter movies was an occult version of the life of Jesus Christ. A chosen one, miracles (magic), fighting evil, dying and coming back from the dead, a man who became a world legend.

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