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What an odd time to leave Twitter.

Very strange.

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Oh it was a wake-up call all right. Aren't you also annoyed that all these people and agencies aren't doing their jobs, and most of the time, are doing the opposite of their jobs?

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Good to know. It really annoys me that we have to learn all kinds of stuff that we aren't ordinarily interested in because the FDA, the NIH, CDC, and the media are not doing their jobs.

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I've said from the beginning that making Biden POTUS was their version of shock and awe. Biden was near the bottom in the primary. They propped him up and dragged him across the finish line to the surprise of the Democrat voters.

It was meant to demoralize us that such a weak candidate and idiotic VP could win.

It was meant to demonstrate their power that they can make anybody President that they want and we can't do a thing about it.

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But wait a minute. Is he talking about the jab, or about contracting the virus?

Because they are going to want to blame this on the virus, not the vaccine.

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What the FBI did after seizing the laptop in December of 2019 is unknown. However, given that the FBI was reportedly told it contained “a pay-for-play scheme linked to the former administration, [and] lots of foreign money,” any legitimate investigation would have involved reviewing the laptop for information relevant to Grassley and Johnson’s investigations. And had the FBI reviewed the laptop, agents would have discovered a video recording capturing Hunter Biden saying that in 2018, another laptop went missing when he was “partying in Las Vegas,” and that Hunter believed it was stolen by a group of Russians.

The video then showed a prostitute asking Hunter if he worried the Russian thieves would try to “blackmail” him. “Yeah, in some way, yeah,” Hunter replied, noting his father is “running for president,” and that “I talk about it all the time.” Hunter had also noted that the computer had “tons” of compromising videos on it.

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Thank you so much for posting this, OP. I'm going to try again with my normie friend before she gets her booster.

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I doubt that this is a thing yet, but the 'safe and effective' narrative is dying relatively quickly, and that not marrying women who have been jabbed will become a thing eventually.

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Somehow a death culture has been imprinted on our young people.

At a memorial service for family member who committed suicide, all her friends under the age of 30 spoke about how she made the right choice and how much they respected and supported her decision. I was amazed. Where did this idea come from?

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Flat Earthers are shills. Trump plays WWG1WGA music at his rallies. That ship of hating on Q folk, it has sailed.

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Also, this is so typical of liberals. That they view getting the guy fired as 'compassionate'.

In their minds somebody who doesn't want to wear a mask is probably a Trump supporter and therefore deserves humiliation, torture, death. for being a 'nazi'. There should be zero compassion for that person because they are just horrible people.

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She's got a point, but MAGA caused the loss because it was the motivation for cheating like crazy, not because MAGA was unpopular with the voters of Arizona.

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Whatever you think you are accomplishing here, I assure you it isn't working.

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He's saying he rejected the teachings of Jesus in the past, but now he is changing his mind.

I don't think he is born again or anything. He is trying to antagonize the deep state/NWO, who hate Christianity with a passion.

It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off.

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The left can't meme.

Just a bunch of mean, nasty stuff. Nothing surprising or funny. It is like they have no creativity or sense of humor.

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I'm glad to hear Tim saying this. I'm not a big fan, but this is a good thing.

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If Elon doesn't make it, somebody else will. If he does it first then he can patent it and have some control over what it is used for.

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Elon is Elon. He does what he does for his own reasons. He got himself in deep with the CCP. Being in bed with the commies and the NWO was great when it suited his purposes. Now he's working against the NWO and they are having a fit.

I really like what he's done with Twitter so far, and I like how he mocks SJWs.

Elon Musk has never been our friend nor our enemy. He is a very smart person with his own goals which sometimes align with ours.

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