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Focus on Kenosha. Focus on Waukesha. Focus on Vaccinations.

Ignore Ghislaine Maxwell's pedophile network.

Projects Mockingbird and MKUltra help shape the narrative. https://patriots.win/p/140JFNiPrD/attention-christians-this-is-a-b/c/

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Took it off of 'New'

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Mods didn't like this post.

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They didn't barricade off the courthouse. They didn't sequester the jury and barely protected them from being followed.

Good people in Wisconsin are being terrorized by their corrupt leadership.

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Wow, Hannity looks terrible, his face has gotten so bloated and lumpy. Wonder if it's from the 'vaccine'. Seems like a lot of pro-injection public figures are looking the worse for wear these days..

Mainstream media is starting to realize the implications of their loss of press freedoms with the Biden diary story while there are currently AMERICAN CITIZENS being indefinitely detained on AMERICAN SOIL. They know what's in store for journalists who choose to confront the fraudulent regime. Panic on both sides. Dangerous times.

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