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The Salvation Army is a hate group. Please call and let them know that we won’t be donating to hate groups

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Just a reminder of what a cocksucker Paul Ryan is. This article talks about how pelosi will likely retire after the midterms are over. Reminds me of dirtbag Ryan announcing his resignation before the midterms in order to be a lame duck cuck.

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Communists shop at spirit. It is all made in China

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Alive and getting cucked each day with the rest of us

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Virtue signaling is working well though because it’s a part of the silencing and intimidating

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I fully support the message. Might I suggest another layer of messaging here - “defend families / families matter”. “Our country is worth it”. “Support the founding fathers.” “Preserve the American dream”

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Yeah he didn’t stand for our country when we needed him most. I can accept messages like this but all posturing is meaningless unless by someone who did the right thing on 1/6 or speaks OFTEN of how our election was stolen

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it's a soros pet so yeah

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