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Russia has still been kicking Ukraine's ass in terms of casualties, US is sending them shit ass old weapons, plus Russia just got some Iran ones. However it sounds like Nato planned counteroffensives for Ukraine. That direct involvement might have pissed them off.

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I started getting into this more the last few weeks. For people who want to be more plugged into this here is some accounts that update basically all day about what's being attacked




Less frequent, but this guy is the best I've seen so far when it comes to analysis side: https://twitter.com/witte_sergei

All are pro Russia, not saying I am as much as them, but the pro Ukraine people are too lost in the sauce propaganda wise to give honest updates on events.

Here is some things that just happened in last few weeks:

  • Ukraine regained some territory (small fraction of what Russia's took so far) when they stacked up an army and Russia retreated across a river to better defensive line. It looks like NATO was directly involved planning the counteroffensive. So the MSM went on propaganda overdrive on this that it was the beginning of the end for Russia. Meanwhile this was in the middle of other failed counteroffensives by Ukraine that the media doesn't cover. Ukraine's main advantage is endless number of bodies and willingness to throw them into the meat grinder, I kind of get a feeling that Zelenskyy doesn't really value their lives so they're just thrown out there as cannon fodder. Russia has been a numerical disadvantage before this but sounds like most battles they kill a ton of people on the other side.

  • Russia, China and Iran are now a pretty clear alliance. Russia just started using Iran drones in Ukraine and supposedly they have been effective. There was a big meeting last week between them and the other Eastern countries are allies. It seems like Putin was running this by them before mobilizing more.

  • Russia is going to hold referendum on the territory they took on making them officially part of Russia. So after this, if Ukraine attacks them, they will treat it as attack on Russia border.

Now Putin is sending more people in. It's possible this whole phase of the war was just a pretext and a way to get the other Eastern countries on board. He hasn't been calling it a war instead "Special Military Operation".

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Bannon really pissed them off by helping build Republican poll watchers and lawyers.

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Drill baby drill

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This is how I think so many people end up supporting the bad guys. They start out sounding not so bad and then once you're on the team a % of people will simply never leave and always use confirmation bias to stick with their original opinion.

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I think being in the middle of governors race he's winning could possibly excuse him

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Direct quote from the article "What these kids need to learn instead is grace in disappointment and defeat."


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Rare appearance by the real Potus

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His wife isn't a redhead

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The amount of people still left who believe this steering wheel, nuclear codes, etc. shit has to be shrinking. Just the BlueAnon crazies.

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My most trusted source says this was an Obama/Rice job and Rice is Biden's puppetmaster

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