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One of the best handshake comments I’ve ever read. Spot on.

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Lol I remember years ago everyone was saying gen Z was going to be the most conservative generation in history. What a load.

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It’s very encouraging to see those comments, agreed.

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Take a look at a voting by demographics map, tell me what color the country is when filtered for only women voting.

You may be based, but women in general are not. Younger women especially are complete commies. Them voting has been an enormous mistake.

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Agreed. It’s like the short story “Wool”. Destroy the world, retreat the elite to protected silos.

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It’s also important to understand who’s pushing the joggers at us and using them as a weapon.

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One can only hope the White woman was a feminist liberal. Then this is just a feel good story.

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Rage on Behalf of the Machine. Always hated those guys actually.

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OK that one was funny as fuck too, lol. Surprisingly close to what actually happened.

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Perfectly said. There is no coexistence, live and let live is nothing but slow suicide, and civic nationalism is nothing more than right-wing virtue signaling.

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Came here to say exactly this. I’ve got a picture proving it.

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Women shouldn’t be allowed in the military, nor should they be able to vote or hold public office.

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You’re right about those laws being important, but it’s not just a legal issue. This is the result of cultural rot, not just political. Politics is downstream from culture.

Fix the laws and you’ll still have the same degenerate lowlifes who are ruining marriage, they’ll just have less power to do so. Gotta fix the culture first, and that’s significantly harder and takes much longer.

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I wish I knew. I saw it quoted in a tweet that was posted here maybe a year ago. It comes up from time to time but I’ve never seen where it’s from. It’s still completely accurate even without a source.

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