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Wanting to fight white genocide is nothing to be ashamed of. It's happening and it needs to be stopped.

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I downvoted you because pineapples on pizza is an abomination. I wanted you to know who it was that did it. I don't necessarily think you're a bad person.

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What bothers me most is the people turning on each other. How easily so many Americans went from “muh civil liberties” to calling the FBI because their neighbors kid is outside without a biohazard suit. That’s the black pill.

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Where do you even get this nonsense from? Head canon? Fan fiction? He’s the reason a huge portion of our own side took the clot shot. Period.

He could’ve called it for the bullshit it was, but instead he fed into it. We elected him because he spoke the truth plainly and said what everyone was thinking. In this scenario, that’s the opposite of what he actually did.

You don’t need to be an armchair critic to see that. Thank God we aren’t the left and don’t just worship our leaders like a cultist and refuse all criticism. Right?

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Just more white-man-bad rhetoric to further destroy western civ. Nothing to see here.

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*Blacks. Call them blacks. White people are not European-Americans, black people are black.

But I'm sorry that happened to you, all the same.

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Most of them burn the coal anyway, fuck 'em.

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Not gonna lie, I've been enjoying watching consequences come for them.

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If more of us don't notice soon, we're fucked.

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This. Trump is the greatest president most of us have ever had, but he has fingerprints all over this vax/covid bullshit when he was in a position to shut it down.

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I’m losing my job as I type this out. So many people say “it can’t happen, it won’t stand” yet here we are, with it happening.

The normalcy bias is real.

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I didn’t know that actually. Good info here.

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I'm proud of us for chasing this guy off in about 24 hours.

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FFS you racists think all black people look the same, this is why the left thinks we're raycis.

That's Morgan Freeman.

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Bingo. It was their reactions and behavior that put me on guard about the whole thing to begin with. Beyond all the medical reasons to avoid this poison, I would refuse it simply to spite these people.

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Mine is easing towards a vax mandate, but is starting with a mask mandate for those of us who aren't vaxxed or who refused to disclose vax status (which is me). I have flatly refused all mandates. I won't be treated like a second class citizen.

Unfortunately, where I am in the country (NY) means that when I do get shitcanned I won't easily be able to find something else. Most businesses here are cucked.

It's still worth doing. Fuck these people.

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