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Always has been,

The investigative journalists usually experience a Hastings treatment.

But since more and more leaks are coming out, more and more people investigate and demand answers.

A news, such as this one, should actually animate tens of thousands to call them, write them, mail them, call/mail/write your representatives to do the same and demand more and more answers.

People just need to expose them more, which they gladly do more and more.

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Onlyfans pays other websites that animate their girls to start a onlyfans page.

It is a pretty smart pimp move, but legal…

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Yup, hate crime in todays GB, will be a hate crime in the USA next year.

But people will still be able to watch kitten videos on YouTube and their daily dose of porn on onlyfans, which is owned by a Ukranian Jew, ironically….

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They will never leave, they will multiply.

Remember that video in 12-24 months from now.

It will be different then. More of them pouring in, more of them having children. It will get worse.

They will never leave and you will pay their welfare.

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You are wrong, TV told me that blacks have always been in GB.

Netflix has a wonderful documentary showing that even some queen from 400 years ago was black.

I never knew that!

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Yup, it is a gateway for socialists.

A pretentious government that claims to know what is best for its citizens needs to be abolished.

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I took from this, that people still go to sports events, still care, that someone is offended, and everyone has to explain themselves for doing whatever they want to do.

I don’t know the what caused that uproar though, since I couldn’t care less, if someone paints his face black white red or yellow.

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3 options:

A: they don’t care and won’t comply.

B: it was sToLeN they say before.

C: the data was altered.

Accountability? You know the answer…

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Message = values.

The old old Disney style.

But I know what you mean, those 7 minute Looney Toons where they were just looking at ways to kill each other was some nice entertainment back then.

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If they are smart enough to also make traditional movies for emotional women and cartoons with a message for kids, they could replace Disney.

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The flags are even upside down.

It’s total nonsense..

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It was the mother of all bombs, that brought them to the negotiation table.

Trump told them to take a look at Afghanistan, look at the 3 mile wide crater it left and told them it is up to them.

Fuckaround, find out.

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Oh boy, you are so desperate for attention, that it is actually quite sad.

We are all here for the same thing. Whatever your problem is, I hope you get the help that you need.

As I said before: Have a wonderful day!

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Wow, is that what you do all day?

Anyways, have a wonderful life…

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For some reason…..

I remember when The_Donald used to boycott Twitter and started posting screenshots and started supporting Gab.ai

But here we are full circle, back to supporting Twitter…

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Well then, sir, run for President as an independent.

Though I have to admit, Trump needs to be more like an Argentinian wrecking ball.

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So they had access all the time.

Like that turkish-German intern who shut down Trumps Twitter account for fifteen minutes. They kind of all had access….

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