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Yup, they’ll replace them with low IQ individuals who, in the first step, are willing to live off welfare.

The next step in the next decade, when the replacement in Minecraft is complete, they will force the useful idiots to work, and they will honor the dumbest fucks who are willing to betray their kind.

Whites don’t mean a thing to them. They are, as a cohort, too smart. Dumber people, the cohort of Africans and Latin Americans are easier to manipulate.

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Switzerland’s more or less a militia, where you, after your time in the military are allowed and expected to fight for the country, uphold the law and you will do so by keeping the gun. So they are all more or less able to use a gun properly and would expect the next guy to be. They would fight and kill for the neighbor, that’s why they don’t like all the Germans and other migrants pouring in. Why die/kill for them?

Though they drill the Germans and other migrants pretty decently.

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Yup, and in 20years from now, when most of the retard freaks in the USA are unable to become a parent, the downfall is complete.

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As a CEO in todays world, all you need to do is check the ESG list and try to implement as many bulletpoints as possible.

Blackrock algorithm will pour money in to those companies who follow the ESG guideline.

They somewhat synchronize all relevant companies and all CEOs couldn’t give two shits about not following that guideline.

By just doing that, and that investors capital coming in, they get a big fat bonus.

If you have been part of something like that for more than a year, you start to question if all of this is worth it.

I believe her, when she now says, that all of this is bullshit, and that she regrets being part of this.

I probably would have done the same…

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Ethiopians are semites, iirc.

So if you are against Ethiopians, you are an anti semite.

The whole accusation is bogus. It’s just a buzzword to tar and feather you. There is no substance to it.

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A sociopaths first goal is to stay in control.

So, no, it will not go away, just like that..

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This is the purest form of socialism, yet Russia is the enemy…

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They don’t need sick pay, they need higher salaries.

It still comes down to one party offering a job for a certain salary, and one party agreeing.

If they can’t find someone willing to do the job for that salary, they will raise the salary offer.

If the employer sees that you are good, he will raise the salary to not lose you to a competitor.

If you work in a field where you are disposable, you will always earn minimum wage.

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Champagne socialists meet socially inept naïve believers with a Stockholm syndrome.

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To be fair, I am kind of glad, that I do not know the proper definition of Cuckold….

The reason why he posted it? I don’t know, though I am totally fine living my life and don’t have to analyze why someone else Tweets about something

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Did I miss something?

Will Smith is the one in a cuckold relationship.

West found out and ended it then and there.

He, as a Christian, gave her a chance. She whored around. And it ended.

Aside of that, posting a picture of that guy is not (yet) verboten. And stating the fact that she betrayed him is not forbidden aswell.

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It is a fact. He just posted the fact that she cheated on him with this guy. Nothing more more nothing less. He never said, if you’re around, go and attack him. Nothing.

Around that tweet , there were tweets, where he even said he loves Balenciaga workers and everyone else.

He posted the picture of Elon on a yacht, with the line Let that be known as my last post on Twitter

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To be fair every GOPer should release theirs as well

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When the internet makes you angry by just pointing out that television sucks, it might be enough internet for today, sir.

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David Icke talked about this.

Look at Maslows pyramid of needs. The more essential the needs, the more the people are willing to give up everything.

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Why…. Watch …. NFL?

Or any of TV?

I didn’t watch TV in months.

If people start talking about the latest Netflix series or super duper celebrity, I am kind of proud that I seriously do not know those shows or c-list celebrities…

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He not only went there with Kanye West. He supports Kanye West to run for President.

What an A+ example of a white supremacist…

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A Long Long time ago…. I can still remember, how the movies used to make me smile….

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