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Fuck Joe Biden, Fuck the FBI, Fuck the ATF, Fuck the DEA, FuckDepartment of Education, Fuck the Department of Energy, Fuck the CDC, Fuck Fauci and most of all Fuck Democrats.

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Democrats will vote for her, republicans better show up and vote.

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Of course he’s Jewish, look around and see who is behind the curtain every time. A dirty stinking jew is behind that curtain and I get downvoted for speaking the truth.

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Look at that pedo jewfag. Always jewry fucking the world up.

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Jews want us dead, all the whites that fondle Jew balls I hope the get one between the eyes.

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I would love for red states to secede from the union. The union does not represent me nor the people in my town/state. It’s time to do it.

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I advocate you be thrown into a woodchipper feet first but only after you’ve been forced to listen to every trump speech and interview.

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I’ll vote for desantis.

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Let’s do this mother fuckers. We don’t want our country to become another Sri Lanka, we need to restore our constitution and send the libtards that survive to Ukraine.

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Hey bitch you have a deathwish, come on mother fucker we've been patiently waiting on you pussies to actually do something, guess it will be another decade since you faggots obviously do not have the balls to try.

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Your dad finally pulled his small cock out of your mouth and the first thing you do is post here? Fuck off commie.

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Get off the cock carousel you ugly THOT then you can choose your babies father, until then you're just a cheap prostitute.

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That's a man baby! Too bad they didn't execute the mentally ill retard.

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Suck my fucking dick faggot, I will not comply.

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Who gives a fuck about that dumb whore? I don’t and none of you should either.

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Someone needs to permanently shut that faggot up. If I was the dad I would’ve killed that little fuck.

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