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I have a few more, but I gained them after leaving Facebook almost 3 years ago. I made these friends simply by getting involved with my little rural community.

Protip: being off FB gives me lots more time to actually be there, be present, and to focus on making great memories, not selfies.

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Most of this is masturbatory power-fantasy. These little bitches would have their life expectancies plunge to mere minutes if they tried to actually steal someone's kid to force a needle into the child... and they know it.

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Kaiser Permanente takes up to four days now to send certain medications from the pharmacy, and this latest order will arrive six days after order. Doc says order two weeks ahead next time.

The same medications used to show up two days after ordering.

To avoid the dox, not saying which medication, but it's neither vital (e.g. Plavix or pain meds) or a luxury item (e.g viagra).

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Drank something with oat milk in it once, accidentally.

It tasted like what I would imagine hyena sperm would taste like.

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Wondering that as well. Unless you flat out lie about the kid's age, no medical professional in his/her sane mind would intentionally give the jab to a 10 year old.

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PS: 3 good sized Egyptian Walking Onions can sub for the 1/2 medium onion.

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Don't feel bad - my in-laws did the same. I'm happy as fuck over it: no buying airline tickets to go mask-sucking for hours in a tube jammed with people, no bullshit left-wing politics, none of that garbage.

Fuckin' A - I'll call 'em Thanksgiving day and that's it, and even then maybe; they're her parents, not mine. ;)

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That and Shatner is smart enough to not go full retard and spew leftist propaganda.

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Faggots be jealous...

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Speaking of which, she knows that there is an "Oversize Load" placard requirement, right?

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You know you're out of shape when your best sprint doesn't even wind the reporter who is talking, carrying equipment (!), and is keeping up with your fat ass easily...

Not to mention how easily the cameraman kept focus on that wildebeest as it trundled even on flat/level ground...

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Agreed. Vindeman (sp?) and Milley should have been busted to O-1 and put in charge of a couple of MWR shacks in some far-flung shitholes.

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Unpopular opinion: You don't have a lot of rights while in uniform, and the 1st Amendment takes the biggest hit right after the 4th Amendment (you get no privacy in the barracks, none - the only reason base housing gives you some is because your spouse and kids are still civilians).

He could have leaked to friendly press (what little we have), but while I admire the fact that he showed some gargantuan balls with his videos, he had to know that the brass would straight-up sodomize his life for doing it, and according to the UCMJ, would be well within their legal (not moral, legal) right to do so.

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I haven't intentionally watched Sportsball in decades. Seriously - had better things to do.

But that's not the thing.

The thing is, the left doesn't care about Sportsball either. They need to destroy it, because it represents one of the few (long ago!) non-politicized means for people to get together across all stripes. Didn't matter what race, religion, creed, party... everyone could get together and cheer on their 'home team', and become as one, if only for a little while.

The left hates that. They cannot exist if everyone finds ways of overcoming differences, even if it's just for Sportsball. They need division. They need boogeymen to make the masses afraid of. They need distrust and hatred. Wrecking Sportsball is one way to do that. Same with wrecking Christianity. Same with wrecking civic organizations like Kiwanis, Lions, Elks, etc, or at least ensuring that they die.

They can have only one god, one focus, and no unifying force except their own twisted dogma of hate.

That's why they had to kill Sportsball.

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Better way to put it: Can't reproduce, must recruit.

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