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Note however that the difference is in the fact that the (normal) Christians aren't out to force your into a conversion, or even to agree with them.

You can say my religion is wrong and that's fine. You don't have to subscribe to it, nor do I want to force you to. No one can force Heaven onto the unwilling, after all. :)

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Precisely this.

They want to do an activity (or set of activities) that makes them feel good or that satisfies an immediate craving they have, no matter how degenerate. They know deep down that the activity is wrong - often gravely wrong.

They actually do feel the guilt, and the guilt won't go away. It will eat at them every time they think about it. They want reassurance that the degeneracy they desire is actually okay to do, and the reassurance has to be persistent and universal, or else it won't stop the guilt. The reassurance helps them reason away the guilt.

But, so long as someone says it's wrong, that it is degenerate and harmful, they will still feel, even deep down, that what they're doing is wrong - as it should be.

Normally, this would cause someone to stop and examine themselves, and seek to either return to doing right, or to at least turn away from their degenerate activities and urges. However, many people can't bring themselves to do that - they haven't the character, willpower, or the strength. Dominated by their id, they instead lash out at everyone who points out their degeneracy.

They congregate with fellow degenerates, who reassure each other that what they're doing is 'natural' and 'right', in spite of being neither. Cut off from normalcy by the necessity of being reassured, they instead lose what little moral self-restraint they had, moving towards more and more extreme degeneracy.

All this time their guilt has gone nowhere, and instead has only grown. In order to keep it tamped down, the degenerate requires louder and wider calls for assurance that their degenerate worldview and activities are somehow normal, and they will make louder and louder demands for that reassurance.

Most normal people, being the live-and-let-live type, go along with it to some extent.

...and this is where we are today.

The only way out is to stop pampering the degenerates. Stand up and call them out as degenerate. You don't have to insult them, just call their ideologies and activities out for what they are - degenerate.

Stop playing their games, stop giving them undue attention, don't use their stupid pronouns, and most importantly, tell them they are wrong

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Abortion is a bad comparison, because right now, a shitload of states now ban the practice, while many blue states carry on with business as usual in that department - exactly as intended by SCOTUS' decision.

Not too many doctors in these red states are stupid enough to risk being tossed into PMITA prison over muh Roe! - instead they'll move to a blue state like WA or NY to continue plying their bloody trade.

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FYI, the Church did teach Latin - you could simply show up at any monastery and learn it. Had to live by the rules of the monastery (chastity, poverty, obedience) , but there was no real impediment otherwise.

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They wrote the US Constitution in an era where north of 60% of the country *couldn't even read... * and yet it's still clear as day.

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Didn't they tell you? Thanks to "penumbras" and "emanations" of the 2nd Amendment, we can all own Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical weapons now!

Go ahead and tell a lefty that the next time they claim that abortion is a 4th Amendment item. The quotes are real, BTW - that was the stupid rationale they used to hold up Roe v. Wade... "emanations" and "penumbras" (i.e. they made shit up.)

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They can try to pack it all they want. Nothing (that I'm aware of) says the US Supreme Court has to admit or accept any of the new nominees.

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No shit... dude could probably leg press 1200 lbs no sweat.

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Point or order (didn't read it all, but...)

The Romans actually did preach a puritanical morality of a monogamous marriage and family, and of the wife staying at home to raise the kids. Look up mos maiorum - which was what they called it. You'll find it to be very based.

Otherwise not a bad thought, though Rome technically did hold up for another 1400 years after Christ (~1100 of those years as a Christian kingdom, right up until the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans. )

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6-3 Says New York's gun control/concealed carry restrictions are unconstitutional.

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...depends. If it happens enough times without stopping, the authorities run out of volunteers.

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That's the thing - you have to store them under controlled conditions, or they'll taste like shit and burn down to a nub in less than 2 minutes.

Even keeping them unopened in a freezer (which many addicts do, and I used to) only guarantees they'll stretch out another 6 months to a year before they go to shit.

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To be fair though, 30-60 years ago most people still smoked unfiltereds, or they smoked pipes or cigars.

Back then: You lit up a Lucky Strike or a Camel w/ no filter, got a quick and hard hit, and it took around 5-7 minutes or so to burn it. You often wouldn't touch your next one for awhile, given the size of the nicotine dose you typically got w/ no filter to slow anything down. Most men smoked pipes and/or cigars anyway, but you didn't inhale either of those - didn't need to, as the mucous membranes in your mouth, nose, and throat absorbed more than enough nicotine.

When I quit in 2019: a typical Marlboro red 100mm ciggie could be stretched out over 15 minutes, and even the normal ciggie size could take awhile as well. The filter meant that you got not much nicotine, but you did get a false sense of security as you smoked it down to the nub and often had a second one right afterwards...

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Devil's Advocate: Uniformed personnel do have many of their Constitutional rights either curtailed or attenuated (for instance, you cannot speak loud and proud for a politician or pose for porn while in uniform, even though the 1st Amendment perfectly allows both for civilians.)

That's why it's actually (sadly) easier to push fucked-up woke shit in the military if the chain of command is the one pushing it.

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I didn't know I was Latino...

...learn something new every day.

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...now if only it winds up playing in the New York Symphony... SanFran symphony would be fine as well.


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Updoot just for mentioning Apocalypto. That was one hella crazy + badass flick. Even with no subtitles, it would be an awesome movie.

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Question is, will they take it out on those who pushed them into it (e.g. going postal at a doctors' office), or will they take it out on just themselves?

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