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It's fucking Tri-Met... how could you even tell if they burnt Fentanyl in there!? The reek of homeless and Antifa in there is strong enough to mask anything.

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Meanwhile, dear Portland, the rest of Oregon farts in your general direction

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Oh, the parents will give a fuck about this news... most of them rely on the school to substitute as daycare.

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They won't. Hate to say it, but most will be content to sit back and wait until the 'I told you so' stage.

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There are many ways to flex power... bureaucrats only have access to a limited number of them. I'm curious as to what they actually could do on short notice.

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"The Twitter files revealed that the far left communists and trannies who work at social media had been retroactively applying outright bands and block filters on a huge number of things purely because those things were damaging to the Democrat party"

...and let's be fair - 80% of those commies and trannies got kicked to the curb in layoffs. Meta/Facebook will have laid off 25,000 employees by June or so, with promises to lay off even more. Google recently laid motherfuckers off - for the first time in its entire history. Shitloads of other ESG-spewing corps are furiously dumping every woke faggot who can't code in an effort to save their balance sheets. Only holdouts like Blackrock ( tell me BR isn't a back-funded psyop, I dare you! ) still cling to that bullshit, and they're losing customers hard and fast.

Shit, even Warren Buffet's outfit, Berkshire-Hathaway, laid off 13,500 employees recently.

Woke is dying, because it can't pay the bills. LinkedIn is crammed full every day with more and more mofos throwing that "open to work" flag, bemoaning how they got laid off... well, the codemonkeys and hardware jockeys aren't - they're too busy getting flirted with insanely hard by recruiters... ask me how I know.

Anyrate, Facebook is definitely dying, with various other Meta sub-properties dying off anyway, so...

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...it depends. I got to see my parents work their asses off, finally buying their first $20,000 house on a combined income of $7,200/yr, and paying 10% interest on the mortgage to do it. If it wasn't for the VA loan, that would've never happened. Their first new car was bought in the 1980s - a Chrysler K-Car.

Also, my old man didn't go to Woodstock in 1969 - he went to Vietnam. Came back with a bit of extra shrapnel fragments in his leg, a couple of nasty scars, and a booze habit that averaged a fifth of cheap booze each weekend day, and nearly half as much each night (fortunately, the dude was a happy drunk...) To his credit, he did work his ass off and eventually became an engineer via night school. He insisted we kids do the same, which is why we kids turned out incredibly well on balance, considering.

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The Albina neighborhood was a black stronghold, right up until gentrification arrived in the mid 2000s...

Trust me, the Democrat Party of Oregon is still racist as fuck when there's money to be made.

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Portland has lost population for three years running now. Granted by small amounts, but they are on a net negative trajectory. See also the reason why Portland properties are selling slower than before, while most properties out here in Columbia County still get snapped up in short order.

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This is also, most of all, why you, as the father/husband, are REQUIRED to get your ass to church, lead the group prayers and readings at home, become the family catechist (or if Protestant, you perform a similar role as a teacher). It is up to you to learn, to know, and to have the right reference materials at hand.

If you are married with kids, you have many roles: Father, Teacher, Leader, Provider, Lover and Friend to your Spouse.... and Deacon. Especially the role of Deacon.

I may disagree with a lot of (okay, most of) what Mormons believe, but they got one thing absolutely right: The man of the house is the preacher of the house.

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The coast has been getting it hard for a loooong time - between the Californians and the PERS-babies going out to live the good life on our dime? Fuuuu...

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Spoiler alert: During the scamdemic lockdowns, those same lefty fucks crammed the various county campgrounds full of people, since it was the only place you could go w/o having to wear a mask.

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You know? If only they'd reinstate public executions for shit, most of this backlog would solve itself...

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He'll have to live way out in Banks, Canby, Vancouver or The Dalles to escape that shitshow now.

Hillsburrito has spilled its South-Of-The-Border gangland, err, habits, out west to Cornelius and Forest Grove, where a shitload of liberals thought they could buy some acreage. Beaverton is a shithole.

So let's go East... Gresham? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, they're fucked.

The only relatively safe havens in Portland Metro is Southward or Northward, but Tualatin and Wilsonville are crammed full, and the West Linn / Lake O area will cost you $$$$$($$!) to live there. Up North, Vantucky (err, Vancouver, WA) is actually doing pretty good, in spite of being the former ghetto of Portland Metro. Problem there is, traffic sucks massive ass, and ODOT wants to toll the bridges over the river on I-5 and I-205.

Hate to say it, but in spite of the above, in 5 years your old man will be basically fucked. His only salvation is in Columbia, Tillamook, or (maybe) parts of Clackamas county. Most of Multnomah and Washington counties (and parts of Clackamas) are basically fucked.

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Oh, that's not all... Portland city commission is all hot to build a big tent city style campground for these fucks. To add insult to injury, gov. Tina Kotek wants to build them a shitload of free housing.

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...and not much of one. Nobody with money will buy the house on your way out, so you may as well torch it...

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I served in Desert Storm. My father served in Vietnam. His father served in WWII. His father in turn served in WWI. ...and so forth, all the way back to the war of 1812.

I counseled my son to avoid that shit at all costs, and if a draft is announced, take his near-perfect ASVAB score and join the Navy or USAF, where at least you'll be a few thousand miles away, and not eating sand or mud in a combat zone.

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