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Why act when their boss can use this crisis for their political agenda?

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Makes me so angry how politicians are using this crisis to change the narrative and try to get Biden some popularity.

Also it makes me sick that they are trying to remove guns instead of actually going to the root of the problem which is a mental health problem. Why are people suffering mentally? Because our society is sick and our culture is dying.

Also if an idiot really wants to do a massacre nothing can stop them from doing it, no matter the gun control.

We need to change this and fast.

Thank god Manchin is blocking this. I find it interesting that they are so desperate to get control of our guns, almost like it is the last step before full blown martial law. They control speech and information (most of it), they just need to control weapons and thus the people.

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Exactly, it should not be something to frown upon like this girl does.

It should be admired that someone among the top brass interact with the commoners.

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They want to destroy the middle class and usher in a slave society. Communism pretty much.

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Yeah but remember he lives in Texas and talks to Joe Rogan who talks to Alex Jones etcetc..

I still can´t believe he did not know, it´s not like he´s a normal worker but CEO of Tesla.

But I see your point. Who knows.

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Elon now too. Rogan has his moments as well. Remember Alex Jones is also considered an old democrat.

Maybe it´s just that the population actually has united regardless of the old left/right factions. Maybe his left views against corporations wasn´t all that wrong considering what we´re seeing with our oligarchs leaders today (Gates, Soros etc).

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I think it is stupid to say that he´s controlled opposition, he is actually telling people the sinister truth about our leaders and what they´re trying to do. He´s not telling you to vote for him.

He´s just trying to inform people, and I love it! Regardless of his political views.

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I find it very difficult to think Musk did not know with the connections he got. Very difficult to believe.

But it doesn´t matter. I support what he´s doing.

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They will make your life living hell to have an old car.

They are already taxing us more in many states because you drive an eco unfriendly car etc. They will use tax money to make these cars "less expensive".

Yeah they will try to force the populace to own one of these new cars.

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They don´t want the truth.. can you blame them? Life is more simple that way.

But like you and I, we search for the TRUTH no matter how hard it is to live with.

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Trending list been manipulated for a very long time, not anymore.

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The question is if they can vote with an even larger amount this time now when everyone is expecting it. Remember Trump got this many votes in 2020, imagine how many he will get this time.

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They need bagholders you know?

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They just need more bagholders for the markets.

Once they say we’re in a depression that is when you buy.

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Well perhaps they will print and spend but only when people suffer enough and deflation might be an issue.

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It caused inflation because of stimulus money (printing) and less supply since no one worked.

Too high demand and too little supply.

Now they need to CRUSH demand (stock market crash etc) and simply not print as much money.

This is the only way they will get away with it blameless because they can blame a pandemic.

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It´s all about the Dems getting something to run on. They can´t run on anything else than abortion, climate change and a pandemic.

Disgusting is what it is.

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