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Not to mention the autism-like social problems that will ensue when the people who were babies and toddlers during the pandemic:

(a) don't know how to read emotional states from people's faces, and

(b) don't make typical facial expressions to convey their own emotions

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(Apologies if this is a double post. It didn't seem to go through the first time.)

Hey, I am a gardener, though I don't have any real experience with hydroponics or aquaponics. I do have a few thoughts on a few things you asked about that aren't specific to hydroponics or aquaponics.

Since you have a big concern with food poisoning, I would focus first on vegetables, fruits, and herbs that (a) can't be scrubbed or peeled and (b) are frequently eaten raw. Those are the biggest food poisoning risks. So you are on the right track starting out with lettuce and salad greens and tomatoes.

For that reason, if you eat beans or other sprouts, I would invest in a sprouter and grow those, too.

Next I would look into herbs that are often eaten raw or used as garnishes, such as basil, parsley, chives, cilantro, dill, and scallions. (Okay, scallions are a vegetable rather than an herb, but chopped scallions are often used as a herb garnish.) Other herbs that are usually cooked are also nice to grow fresh. Fresh herbs really make a difference in your cooking, they are stupidly expensive at the grocery store, yet most are easy to grow indoors, and some can be grown hydroponically.

Potatoes (or any root vegetable) will need to be grown in soil, not hydroponically. To get enough potatoes to eat potatoes whenever you want, you'll need a whole room full of buckets; each bucket will take 80-100 days to yield a few meals for two. It would still be fun to grow some, though.

Cucumbers are a good one to try indoors and supposedly are easy to grow hydroponically. Get a smaller-vined parthenocarpic (parthenocarpic = makes fruit without pollination) variety like Picolino Hybrid. It will grow happily indoors with sufficient light, and makes huge amounts of cucumbers for the amount of space it takes up. It does need a pole or net to climb, but Picolino only climbs 3-5 ft, unlike many vining cucumbers that can grow 10ft or more. Cucumbers give a quick return, too - many varieties make fruit only 50-60 days after sowing seed.

Fruit trees and bushes indoors are trickier. Most fruit trees and bushes need to be BIG to fruit well, and most are deciduous - in other words they need to experience cold weather, lose their leaves, and go dormant for a few months each year. If they don't get that winter dormancy they won't bloom properly and after a few years will weaken and die. (How much winter dormancy they need varies a lot depending on the tree and the variety.) If you want to grow deciduous fruit, do you have a balcony or some other place you can set them outside in the fall and winter?

Also, many fruits such as apples, plums, and pears, need to be planted with another tree of a different variety that blooms at the same time for cross pollination. So you would need at least two types of apple trees, and you would have to hand-transfer the pollen from flowers on one tree to flowers on the other tree. It's possible to do all of this indoors, and both super-dwarf apple trees and columnar apple trees are small enough to grow indoors. But it's a whole lot easier to grow apples outside and let Mother Nature take care of winter dormancy and let the bees take care of pollination.

Probably the easiest indoor tree fruit to start with is citrus. Here is an article about growing citrus indoors: https://gardenerspath.com/plants/fruit-trees/grow-citrus-indoors/ Most people put their citrus outside in the summer and just keep it indoors in winter, and that is what is suggested in this article. If you are going to keep your citrus indoors year-round it won't get that intense summer sunlight. So you will need to compensate by providing much stronger light to get your citrus to flower and fruit.

The easiest berry to grow indoors is strawberry: https://balconygardenweb.com/growing-strawberries-indoors-plant-care/. They can be grown hydroponically as well. Even better, strawberries are well-suited to green walls, as long as you get the compact types. Also, indoors you don't have to worry about birds, slugs, or critters beating you to the berries!

Here is another article suggesting tree fruits to grow indoors year round: https://food52.com/blog/16084-7-types-of-fruit-trees-you-can-grow-in-your-living-room I always thought that figs, mulberries, and apricots need at least a little winter chill, but the author says not. They could be worth a try. Do be careful to get the specific varieties she recommends, though.

Good luck!

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They would be equally useful, and better for the lulz!

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I'm a middle-aged ladypede. More importantly, I was not the type to post boob pics even when I was young enough that such pics would be widely appreciated.

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OP just played a bunch of you by using a boob shot to get updoots. Also, most of the comments on this thread are about boobs, NOT about the content of OP's post.

Yeah, I get it...guys like boobs. But this is a low-quality post because OP provided no substantiation for the "$100,000 in legal fees" claim. OP just did the boob version of shouting, "Squirrel!" and succeeded in getting lots of attention.

(P.S. - I am a ladypede, so you can save the snarky comments that I must be gay.)

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Eyeglasses wouldn't work to keep droplets out of the eyes. They would block some of them, but not all.

To get viral protection for the eyes, you would have to have fitted, unventilated goggles. Think laboratory-grade fitted goggles, or at the very least swim goggles or a dive mask.

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Much as I hate woke vocabulary, I would even accept made-up pronouns like "xir" before this bastardization of the English language.

Using "their" instead of "his" or "her" serves only to confuse the reader about the number of persons involved. Worse, using "they/them/their" as singular pronouns doesn't convey any information - the reader is still unclear about the actual gender of the person involved.

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Yeah, aside from its dangers, the jabs mis-train your immune system by training it to look only for the spike proteins present in the original strain. Whereas getting COVID and recovering trains your body to look for all parts of the virus.

Omicron has 32 mutations in its spike protein compared to the original strain. Which is why the vaccines and boosters are providing little, if any, protection against Omicron. So, the "safe and effective!" narrative is falling apart.

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By their own admission:

88.8% of the deaths (32 of 36) were in people aged 70+.

58.3% of the deaths (21 of 36) were in people aged 80+, who had already lived longer than the average life expectancy.

91.6% of the deaths (33 of 36) were in the vaccinated.

And supposedly we are the anti-science idiots for questioning the effectiveness and the need for everyone down to young children to get vaccinated?

Supposedly we are the irrational ones for questioning the need for lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, curfews, and other economy-crushing measures?

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Additionally, there is only one homeless guy in view, and there is not nearly enough trash, human feces, or used needles on the sidewalks for it to be an American leftist hellhole.

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That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw this picture!

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Wow. And the school superintendent's primary concern seems to be getting "flexibility" from the state regarding minimum attendance requirements so the state doesn't reduce financial aid to the school district.

Notice the focus is not on improving attendance - just making sure the cash keeps rolling in.

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Some vegans do eat a whole foods-based diet. Good for them.

But the fact is that every grocery store is full of highly processed vegan crap. Not only highly-processed substitutes for meat, eggs, cheese, milk, etc., but plenty of other highly processed foods full of white flour, HFCS, other sugars, hydrogenated oils, other transfats, and countless chemical additives.

Also, vegan "burgers" at fast food chains are a huge and growing market. Ironically, soon KFC will soon be offering vegan "fried chicken."

Given that processed vegan grocery items and vegan fast food items are huge and growing markets, plenty of vegans must be buying and eating highly processed crap.

So implying that all vegans eat a whole foods diet or even that all vegans eat a "healthy" diet is just as dishonest as a carnivore implying that all vegans live off processed foods.

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I have an ICE car right now that is under a recall notice for a sensor issue that could disable the engine and shut down the car when the car is operated for extended periods in temperatures below 35F. If that happened, not only would I have no heat in my car, I would be stranded as well.

The fix? A software update.

ALL modern vehicles are so computerized that they live or die by software.

The only difference is how the software gets updated. I have to make an appointment at a dealer for recall service, and then waste at least half a day in a waiting room getting my car's software updated.

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And in granting the stay, SCOTUS explains why the applicants are likely to prevail on the merits. This signals the Supreme Court's legal reasoning on the merits.

So even though SCOTUS didn't actually rule on the merits, if the 6th Circuit were to rule differently and allow OSHA to impose the mandate, the door would be open for the plaintiffs to appeal to SCOTUS again.

TLDR: It's really unlikely that the 6th Circuit will use different legal reasoning than than the Supreme Court when they eventually hear the full case.

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While Andrew is a Royal Navy veteran, all of his military titles were honorary titles given out by the Queen. From the article:

It comes after more than 150 veterans joined forces to express their outrage, writing to the Queen to demand Andrew was removed from the honorary military positions.

Accusing the duke of bringing the services he is associated with into disrepute, the 152 former members of the Royal Navy, RAF and Army said that 'were this any other senior military officer it is inconceivable that he would still be in post'. The Queen is head of the armed forces and honorary military appointments are in her gift.

(boldface mine)

Apparently the plan is for Andrew's former titles to be redistributed among other members of the royal family.

It is possible that some of the other royal family members may have actually earned some of their military titles, but maybe they are all gifts from the Queen.

And since apparently the plan is for Andrew's former titles to be redistributed among other members of the royal family, Harry, his dad, and his bro might be getting some more titles added to their names. Or maybe some of the more extended family members will be getting promotions as well.

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Yep, they trot this garbage out every so often.

For example, from 2013, complete with the famous picture designed to make everyone feel sorry for the poor polar bears:


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Yep. We have been getting it here and we were aware of what it was and adjusted withholding accordingly so we don't owe money when we file our taxes.

It's going to be a hoot when people start filing their taxes and realize "muh tax refund" isn't coming this year.

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