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The only correct response to the author of this ridiculous drivel is, "Fuck you, too!"

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That's good, but it should be way more than 23 states on board.

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According to this article: https://www.americanbanker.com/news/banks-escalate-fight-over-irs-reporting-in-biden-budget-plan it's even worse than that:

It could result in banks having to report transaction data for any account with at least $600 of inflows or outflows annually.

$600 in total transactions annually. That covers basically every account except little kids' personal savings accounts.

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Many large employers push very hard for you to get your pay by direct deposit. Most government employers essentially insist on direct deposit.

If you do manage to get a paper paycheck, often the only way to cash it is to pay huge fees at fast cash places. Banks won't cash checks at all if you don't have an account, and even if you have an account they may have a limit on the size of the check they will cash. Stores rarely cash checks any more, and when they do they typically have a low limit.

Plus keeping cash under the mattress in an era of high inflation is effectively throwing your money away.

The whole system is set up to try to coerce people to have bank accounts.

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I sincerely hope you're right. There are a whole lot of things that I thought couldn't possibly happen but they did happen in the last two years.

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"Left in the bill" is the right phrase. That language has been in Florida law for many years.

But I 100% agree that DeSantis should have taken it out. When/if we get another leftie governor that language will be used against us.

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I thought that the no vax mandate bill that he signed in May only applied to employees of government agencies, not employees of private businesses.

After I made a similar comment on another thread, someone else corrected me.

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His appearance was in Archer. That is in Alachua county, one of the more liberal counties (due to the influence of tens of thousands of University of Florida employees/staff and 60,000+ students).

He really went to the belly of the beast to give this press conference.

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As much as that would really, really suck for the whole world, I hope they do. China should not be allowed to just take most of the world's chip industry.

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Yes, but chip fabs take a few years to build and bring into operation.

They are complex facilities; it's not like you can just toss up a pre-fab metal warehouse, truck in in a few machines and get started.

They require highly trained workers, too.

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The cheating began days or weeks ago with mail in ballots. The voters who planned to to vote in person are just finding out that they were victims of it now.

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Damnit. I knew this was going to happen, but I hoped it might be a little later.

Biden and his handlers won't do shit to prevent China from taking Taiwan or Nepal.

South Korea and Japan we have obligations to defend, but if China thinks we won't do honor those obligations, they will go after them, too.

Japan at least will try to defend itself. There's waaaay too much bad blood between the Japanese and the Chinese for them to just roll over. If the Chinese can blockade Japan (because America and Europe sit on their hands), China could starve them out - Japan imports most of their food. At that point the world might find out if the Japanese have nukes like most people think they do.

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I stand corrected. I knew that the law prevented "vaccine passports" - requiring customers to show proof of vaccination before entering businesses.

But I thought it still permitted employee mandates.

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After Hurricane Michael in 2018 the power companies had to replace 7,700 wooden power poles, most of which had been snapped like matchsticks.

But AFAIK none of the big metal tranmission towers came down like happened in Louisianna.

Either way, rural customers are going to be the last ones to get power back. It's down to simple math because every pole put back up in an urban area helps more people than a pole put back up in a rural area.

Also, even in the cities, the hospitals, infrastructure (water and wastewater plants, etc), nursing homes, police stations, fire stations, and large grocery and mass retailers will get priority. That way people can get medical care, water, food, ice, and supplies, not to mention getting law enforcement and fire protection back ASAP. Residential areas are not as high a priority.

It sucks (I've been through it), but unfortunately that is part of the risk of living near the coast in hurricane-prone areas.

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It's no joke restoring power after some of the big transmission towers collapse.

Power companies don't have a bunch of those metal towers sitting around ready to pick up and plunk into the ground - those have to be rebuilt. So it's a little more complicated than just replacing the standard wooden poles.

And I bet they are having to replace a whole bunch of the wooden poles, too. Not to mention cutting and clearing debris out of the way constantly just to get to where they need to work. After seeing the power crews work so hard after Hurricane Michael, I have a lot of respect for how tough (and sometimes dangerous) their job is.

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And earlier studies have shown that unhealthy gut biomes are associated with more severe COVID.

Suddenly I find myself wanting some yogurt...

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I'd heard about this clip but not watched it until just now.

That is creepy as hell...if some old guy I didn't know came at my kid like that I'd yank them away and get out of there.

Did you notice that Biden's handler made a failed attempt to grab his arm and stop him? Jill and his staff treat him like a mentally handicapped child, guiding and pulling him around all the time. It's just humiliating having an Alzhiemer's sufferer in the White House.

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Funny how the official inflation rate excludes "volatile" items like fuel and energy.

As if folks could just do without food and energy!

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Montana is ahead of Florida in this.

Florida's state and local government agencies (including schools) are banned from mandating COVID 19 vaccines.

But unfortunately Florida's private businesses can and do fire people for not getting vaxxed.

The same applies to masking.

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Obviously stolen elections causing young men to believe that they have no chance to peacefully effect change is just more gasoline on the fire.

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In a just world the election would be called off and redone 100% in person with ID.

That will not happen and Newsom will survive the recall.

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