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If you watched the video,

Torba discussed groups on Gab structured just like this room with their own rules.

He's in support of them.

It's a feature.

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I'm just saying.

He supports this rooms setup.

Which is surprising when you listen to a lot of people pushing Gab.

For every person whining about this room having rules, there's a group on gab doing the exact same thing.

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He also talked about "groups" where people in charge of them could remove content and ban people.

It was a feature.

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I find it interesting that Groypers and Iran seem to have all the same goals.

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It's a stormfag argument to pretend their racism isn't about race.

They will say it's not a race, then single out the godless commies in California as being of a tribe.

If it's not about race, what does matter which Atheist one opposes?

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There we go.

You hate the people here.

You hate Trump.

You hate America.

You just needed to let it out.

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I really need to apologize about that last post.

You're not a cuck.

A cuck needs a woman.

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Well, after i get in line for your wife, I generally sip some whisky.

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Someone needs to do a campus man on the street with those very arguments.

I bet you'll get it word for word.

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Save your doom for when you shed the handshake.

I don't see the 3 year math.

It's an election year.

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Why don't somebody go do a violence for me!

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