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Because they put an addictive chemical in it that makes you crave it fortnightly!

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I'm a little worried that you're familiar with the flavor of cat shit.

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Third Parties reach out to the hearts and minds of the mentally unstable.

This and other reasons is why we need to keep purging the Republican party of RINOs.

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Cops are people.

Some people are bad.

Some are not.

The hive mind teaches us that everyone in a group is the same.

And you can't disagree with me because we're in the same group.


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I don't think they're actually skinheads.

Some are Antifa trying to create the Nazis they see everywhere.

Others are just trolls wanting to see people seethe.

Still others...retarded and easily manipulated.

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Why do you think you qualify as a Stormfag?

Do you knowingly post muh Jew bullshit, or are you just so stupid that you actually believe that 1% of the Russian population were 95% of a party that comprised of 40% of the Russian population?


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Yeah, sorry.

Posting shit that comes straight out of the pages of Stormfront makes you a Stormfag.

Pretending to be a Christian while knowingly bearing false witness about those topics makes you a stormfag.

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Straight out of the communist playbook.

Pit people against each other...by race, religion, generation...whatever.

You're a useful idiot and you think you're based.

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And I was saying the STORY was going to be how so few people showed up.

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In WW2, machine gun nests didnt have SMGs. They had belt fed mounted guns.

You're being retarded.

Automatic weapons are a genre. Machine guns are a sub genre.

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They're trying to differentiate between mounted and hand held automatic weapons.

A machine gun is not considered a "rifle."

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I've been saying it for a long time.

Google, Twitter, CNN..."peaceful protests."

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We kinda stopped using that after 1/6.

Don't believe the military is going to zoom in and arrest all of Congress in 18.52 hours?


It was the mating call of the Qtrolls.


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Post this when it passes comittee.

Someone introducing a bill isn't really news.

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