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Silver is better as a currency.

Ammo, guns, vehicles, supplies, equipment and a place to keep it safe.

I'm getting more guns and ammo after buying another car.

Then thr equipment and supplies.

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Tiny hats by and large aren't a part of this shit.

But I still think it's funny as a former tiny hat. The tribe is quite divided and we need to clean our own house.

Fuck them globalists and globalist sympathizers.

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He won in 2020

I went full asian quant on that shit and knew the fix was in after seeing what happened there.

That shit was fucked.

This only proves it more.

Fuck the demoncrats. Let's MAGA this bitch.

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He is 100% sonichu tho.

Because his mom is 50% and his dad is 50%.

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Confused what race has to do with a (more than likely caucasian) "transkid" raping another person.

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See you there bro.

Moving my family with my 7 months pregnant wife to FL at the end of the month.

Washington is such a shit hole. Regret having stayed here so long.

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It's only going to get more exciting unless we stop it.

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No, don't skip frogs dude!

The frogs one is pretty fucking gnarly in the Midrash.

Well really all of the plagues according to the Midrash are way way worse than described outright. And lasted between weeks and months.

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Hippity hoppity

My children aren't your property

Clickity clackity

Now I got my children back with me

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Yup, I've paid attention to Alex B. No qualms there. The data is quite ominous. We'll have to get more data and specifics regarding those dying.

The media vatiant talk is definite fear mongering, however it's a real phenomena which is why I mentioned Marek's disease. It was a poultry sickness that wasn't deadly at all and post vax became hyper deadly to any unvaxxed poultry. Inevitably the virus should mutate to be less deadly over time. Since it's a coronavirus it will for sure mutate, but it shouldn't be too crazy unless introduced to some externality (ie a nonsterilizing "vaccine"). The element is there for evolutionary pressure for a mutation. Unless of course the gene therapy is just too good at transmitting the virus.

And yea, the overton window is so far off the edge it's absurd. It's hard to comprehend. I had a coworker even hint at the unvaxxed should be dying today.

Thankfully ai've given notice and am moving to FL from WA. Fuck these loonie toons. I'm going to make this country great however i can away from these kinds of fucks.

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At this point no one knows.

It can go many ways from here. I'd say the following main scenarios are the most likely

  1. The gene therapy is dangerous "long term" - problems could be curable or not
  2. The gene therapy causes mutant variants that are more deadly than natural evolution would create. Could be Mareks type situation where unvaxxed die en masse or ADE where their bodies require constant maintenance to have a chance vs it
  3. The gene therapies aren't too harmful and obviously aren't effective and it's just a political bludgeon and helped move the overton window drastically

So... yeah

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There is literally no proof that Jesus ever even existed.

It's all essentially a myth. The New Testament is pretty much a cobbled up bunch of writings from vastly different time periods translated multiple times by mostly illiterate people. IDK why people still take it so seriously, but that's fine for them, whatever makes them happy.

And with that said I can't prove Moses existed either.

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There pretty much are no more republicans.

Who is actually protecting the republic?

Just a small number of people are. We are fighting the uniparty. They use window dressing issues to distract and obfuscate from them stealing our lives and our children's lives.

At some point it must end.

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Governments bad, government lackeys bad, citizens supporting bad governments are bad.

Of course the US lies about most things, but it's obvious that some of these regimes were evil. Our intentions in "liberating" them were not honest.

It's always serving those in power.

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