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Ya. He’s controlled by the same people who control Hillary.

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They shift blame to their own boss who then shifts blame to her boss and up the ladder they go so that you can’t even complain to anyone.

Then they attack the accuser for being insensitive. If it were me, I’d tear that place down and get my kids out of there.

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The fact that cops haven’t arrested that teacher is disturbing.

We need to stop relying on the system and make a Civilian force for justice.

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How did People do it in other countries or in the past?

Also many are standing up now.

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Deep State books all make this claim. Also the Deep State map hints on it too. Lots of fingers pointing to this.

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No need for leaders. We are all leaders and followers now.

Leaders can easily be taken out or converted. If we all use teamwork, then we won’t have that problem.

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A lot of people bailed. How long ago did you leave? Which state did you go to?

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This is happening now in Sri Lanka.

The boys at the top want us to destroy our own Governments. They know it’s going to happen anyway so they are assisting now because they plan on showing up later claiming to be White Hats and asking for power over the whole World.

Don’t be fooled. Even if you believe you see Jesus himself in front of you, say no. When they ask for a chance say no. Just say no. They will try to cause problems but keep saying no. No more centralized leaders. We will cooperate as a team under Natural Law later.

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