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It doesn’t matter how hard you vote. The deep state will choose whoever they want.

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Lol the midterms…

People need to understand winning at the polls isn’t winning at all. It’s no different than your favorite basketball team winning. It doesn’t change your life at all. It’s all a fake show.

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Focus on the meaning of the post instead of poking at the mistake of the meme maker. The meaning is that the modern day man is a pussy and by being a pussy, he will let Commies walk all over him until he is left with nothing and then he will finally realize he should have stood up before.

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You can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. We, as a community, have to radically change the game. For fucks sake, at least stop paying taxes if you still do. These people GENOCIDED Americans and the world too! GENOCIDE! They are even going after your kids because they want to rape them.

Like I said, keep going the usual route and end up in a tent shitting on the sidewalk.

And forget about being saved by the Gov. They only pretend to so you stay placated. You are the saviors and God works through you if you push forward.

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What are we going to do? They aren’t even respecting monopoly laws.

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The only way to change course is to change our daily habits and schedule. Doing things the same way we always do won’t lead us to another path.

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Haha. You think I’m stupid enough to think our votes are counted? That’s as silly as believing in the tooth fairy.

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There is the cover story and the real story. I dug into the real story from various deep state authors like Marrs, Mackow, and others. Lots of deception.

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  1. Deep state Jews are satanists.

  2. Deep state Christian nazis are satanists.

  3. The 2 together work for the Catholic Romans who are actually Satanists.

  4. They wage fake wars for political purposes all the while fooling the masses.

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These so called Nazis and Jews in the deep state are all Satanists. They have always been allies. They just fooled the world.

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Most jobs are paying way too little and asking for too much. Then taxes is theft so you work for free part of the time.

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It still is. NASA is a full blown Nazi site and the white house itself is run mostly by Nazis.

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I wouldn’t waste my time.

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