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Well I’m about to move to Europe because they outlawed GMOs there. I hear people who go there for a 2 week vacation end up losing a lot of weight even though they eat the same amount of food.

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The aborted baby they put in the vaccine is witchcraft. The murdered child’s energy is injected into the unsuspecting person. If you got this concoction, say this prayer:

I invite Christ Consciousness into my mind, body and Soul. I am Christ Consciousness through this intention.

This prayer is an invitation for help from the Christ and actually does help. Do it daily.

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Few hundred years? We didn’t have tech to genetically modify foods back then.

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Don’t believe everything you hear. Believe your own eyes over things you are told.

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If those cops cause any trouble, they will head that way for sure to defend the civilians.

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Tables are turning. Soon we will stand them in public trial under Natural Law Courts. This goes for anyone and everyone involved.

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