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Alex was one of the few who denounced violence and told folks on Jan. 6 to NOT enter the Capitol building. His team was frantically negotiating with USCP (but was denied) to offer him their resources so he could de-escalate the situation. It's ALL ON VIDEO.

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We all should care. ~2500 troops and $2 trillion lost in Afghanistan that we could have invested at home strengthening our defenses rather than getting caught off-guard by China's hypersonic missile tests.

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These are not human beings. Homo sapiens don't look like this.

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This is a really special picture for so many reasons. All these years the MSM told us Trump hates Asian people and is stoking hate crimes against them. In reality though, Asian people love and respect him.

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And it was a Christmas parade. No politics involved. Are we not allowed to even have fun anymore?

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100,000 x Biden's $450K compensation per individual = $45 billion.

We could house every homeless veteran in this country and still have billions left.

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It's Pedo Joe, Kameltoe Harris and Merrick Garland. Do we really need hackers to figure that out?

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If this happened in another country, our Pentagon and State Dep't would be calling for sanctions and invasion.

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This is such a damning indictment of our society. Have you seen the videos of these crowds overrunning the entrance barriers earlier in the day? The security just stood down. And all for what, to listen to some profanity-laced gibberish they call music.

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Why did we not have poll watchers and lawyers down in NJ, like in Virginia?

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Nope, but I bet they were caught off guard by the exit polls showing Youngkin way ahead and are now up to something no good.

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Here's the full story: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/interactive/2021/warnings-jan-6-insurrection/

Apparently, a lot of these accounts were made only a few days before 1/6. The FBI did nothing because I am almost certain THEY were the ones who infiltrated Parler and created fake profiles, to make us look bad.

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2016 was a magical year, honestly. So much nostalgia - the memes, social media domination, heckling Hillary, trolling Bill in public, electric MAGA rallies, Pepe revolution, Wikileaks... all capped off with an unforgettable night on Nov. 8. Hope we do it again in '24.

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Because the PETA psychopaths probably supplied the puppies for experiments.

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Agreed. See Mark Milley et al. The clowns sit before Congress and obsess about "white rage". Truly the enemy within.

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The pencilneck bastard is still rambling about Russiagate when there are members in his caucus who slept with Chinese spies. Who is gonna investigate that foreign interference?

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Thank you! This is the comment I had been waiting for. We had an endless stream of MSM articles the past 4 years talking about the emoluments BS, and whatnot, from people who probably had never heard of it before in their entire lifetimes.

Trump made a mistake when he acted in good faith by becoming the only politician who even bothered to put their assets in a blind trust. He then fell like >20 spots in the Forbes rankings, yet the media gas-lighting never stopped. He had his tax returns leaked to Rachel Madcow by traitors in the IRS, and they found that he had OVERPAID (who does that?). Even after all that, no apology from those crooks. Truly the enemy of the people!

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True, the energy and dedication during those days was remarkable. I wasn't here but on Twitter and Facebook, it was the pre-censorship era and the Trump train had pretty much taken over those sites. We were unstoppable, even Hillary used to cry at her rallies about Pepe memes owning her supporters online.

If only we had that momentum going into 2020... we let Biden get away easy. My biggest disappointment with Trump will always be that for 4 years, he just let Big Tech walk all over him and us. And don't get me wrong, to some extent, we got a little complacent, too, after Jan. 20, 2017; that was exploited to systematically purge us off the internet.

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Trillions of dollars in Biden's "stimulus" spending and a ballooning deficit only to get this result. Dems are destroying what Trump built.

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25th Amendment

Let's see if the left calls for that now, after screaming for the last four years about it.

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