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That thought makes me weep. I know it sounds un-masculine but the hope that we can turn this mess around in my lifetime keeps diminishing.

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That @ChinchillazIIIa is one of the worst accounts on Twitter. I know because they have me blocked for close to a year now. And this may not be a surprise, but that's a "trans woman".

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Nah, this is BS. You can staunchly be antiwar while still accepting the reality that "globalists" did not make Russia put 120K troops at Ukraine's border. If anything, Putin is taking advantage of the West's weakness to launch another illegal invasion.

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Sorry but I feel so angry and hopeless. This is the biggest thing that matters about the entire COVID hysteria. The lockdowns, the masks, the social distancing, the plexiglass, the vaccines....NONE of it made a "public health" difference aside from trampling on our liberties. We could have all lived normal lives the last two years if our leaders just listened to Dr. Malone, Dr. McCullough, Dr. Atlas, et al., who have been saying this all along.

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It's all divide and conquer. They want to split the MAGA revolution in the hopes that we fight and destroy ourselves. Please don't fall for it!

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One thing this PLANdemic has taught me is that everyone labeled a "conspiracy theorist" by the media is the true expert, while those who are touted as "experts" by the MSM are f'ing liars.

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It pains me that this woman's name, like the thousands before her, will barely make the news on CNN et al. Meanwhile, a serial abuser like George Floyd still gets shoved in our faces.

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The sweet soul's name was Brianna Kupfer. She was only 24.

Police say: "The suspect is described as Black, wearing a black hoodie with skinny jeans and dark shoes. He had on a white N95 mask and was carrying a backpack."

More here: https://abc7.com/la-brea-murder-woman-killed-croft-house/11465458/

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Wanna know who led the charge in smearing this man back then? Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. Yup, he's always been a garbage person.

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I've read it 10 times and am still struggling to understand why her sick, perverted mind decided to include "molested" in that tweet.

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Wish them the very best, but I'm still confused. Russian troops arrived in Kazakhstan yesterday at the request of their "deep state" government, to restore law and order. Has Putin become pro-globalism suddenly?

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I know, right? Dignity, class and beauty missing in the East Wing since Melania departed.

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Absolutely. Do you think it may have anything to do with scoundrel Pelosi's Jan. 6 commission threatening behind-the-scenes to prosecute him and his family by framing them on false charges, if he wouldn't endorse the clotshot?

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I'm no fan of Ukraine's ruling elite, either, but let's stop believing that Putin is some "anti-globalist" hero. He and Xi had a summit just last week to unify against the dollar and internationalize the renminbi. They have been increasingly cooperating militarily, ganging up on Taiwan, and lest we forget, even joined forces to blunt the impact of Trump's tariffs.

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Have they checked at the Podestas' mansion?

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Alex was one of the few who denounced violence and told folks on Jan. 6 to NOT enter the Capitol building. His team was frantically negotiating with USCP (but was denied) to offer him their resources so he could de-escalate the situation. It's ALL ON VIDEO.

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We all should care. ~2500 troops and $2 trillion lost in Afghanistan that we could have invested at home strengthening our defenses rather than getting caught off-guard by China's hypersonic missile tests.

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These are not human beings. Homo sapiens don't look like this.

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This is a really special picture for so many reasons. All these years the MSM told us Trump hates Asian people and is stoking hate crimes against them. In reality though, Asian people love and respect him.

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And it was a Christmas parade. No politics involved. Are we not allowed to even have fun anymore?

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100,000 x Biden's $450K compensation per individual = $45 billion.

We could house every homeless veteran in this country and still have billions left.

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