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Green text stories are funny as fuck. Even if they're probably not real, there's some possibility that it is which makes it funnier.

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I mean, we just need to follow the ones the corrupt faggots, commies, and scumbags think they're above except apply the enforcement consistently, and it should be fine.

Perhaps add that trannies, criminals, and communists are not allowed.

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Let's get this to ascend beyond Facebook.

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The last comment really cements it for me: liberals from foreign countries are some of the most arrogant cunts on the planet.

This is why I refuse to debate foreigners on American policy, economic, and social issues. They simply do not understand our Constitution. I'm certain that if I still had FB the same arrogant, snobby Europeans and Australians who would talk shit about our 2A, they would be bootloader to a fault.

If someone wants to understand American philosophy, they are free to inquire about it. But countries like Britain should eat a dick if they feel entitled to lecture us on how our rights should be. Considering we whooped their ass centuries ago, it's best for them to fuck off because nobody cares. What's worse is those countries tend to have issues in their own backyard and should mind their issues before lecturing other countries about theirs.

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It's simple: divide your IQ by a number greater than your IQ and you will get mighty close.

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Pretty sure the buzzard would initiate a more fruitful effort towards the explanation.

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Same. I used to vote Democrat until I learned about their history.

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It's like watching a corgi walk along the sidewalk, except ewwwww.

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