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you call hate-filled, vile racist comments 'freedom of speech'?

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Donald Trump has set the agenda for MAGA. He has been called the most Gay-friendly president in history. Don't like it? Tough. Find another political party more to your liking - like the Nazi Party. I'm not gay but I noticed several disturbing trends in this group. To test it I posted a "Grateful Deadheads for Trump" meme. pretty harmless, right? Check out the vile, hateful comments it received



I then noticed a lot of antisemitic memes and comments on this group so I made a meme and used it as a honeypot - to attract the antisemitic jew haters here -



pretty sick and vile.

Here's some hate and rage because I defended Trump



Here is a bunch of vile comments about Mexican-Americans


So now here comes the hateful racist garbage from so-called MAGA supporters.


In the short time I've been here I've encountered a lot of hate from racists, homophobes, antisemites assholes.

You say, "Oh, it's just kids having fun."

Any group that tolerates this amount of hatred and bigotry should be ashamed of themselves. Randomly click on any link and read the comments.

Thankfully, as I was pointing out, you're NOT MAGA. You may not even be human

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Reading these comments - what a colossal amount of hate, ignorance, and intolerance. It's sad to think you mental retards really believe you represent MAGA.

You're not what MAGA represents, hell, you're not even what America represents. You're some ugly pond scum pretending to be human. If I wrote some of the inane garbage you wrote I would be embarrassed. But you have no shame. Your hateful God is no excuse for your behavior. You're just the lowest dregs of humanity.

I have no pity for you. In fact, I hope one day I met you at a MAGA rally and you say to me some of the ignorant garbage you wrote here. It would be my pleasure to watch you pick up your broken teeth off the ground.

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no, it's all about why you're here. Obviously, Trump's quote doesn't reconcile with your bigoted rant. Just because you have trolls and handshake accounts encouraging you in your bigotry doesn't mean you belong here.

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Then MAGA is not the place for you. Sorry, the Moose out front should've told you when you drove through the gates.

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I remember when there wasn't a border wall or even a fence. Just a sign saying which side of the border you're on. Even had Trump finished the wall and got 4 more years we would still find ourselves with a Hispanic majority in the future.

Enjoy the tacos!

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Sorry, but this isn't a Christian discussion board. Not everyone in MAGA supports your beliefs. I hope one day Christians start their own political party instead of crashing here. MAGA is not going back to the bad old days when the Moral Majority ran the Republican Party in the 80s. That kind of nonsense almost ruined the Republican Party then and it's not going to repeat its mistakes here. Why?

Because a party of white Christian, racist, antisemitic, homophobes has no chance of winning elections and no longer has a place in our political discussions. Sorry, your followers showed their asses one too many times. Just because Trump held prayer groups in the WH doesn't mean he wants a religious Theocracy of bigots running this country.

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Form your own party then. You're not welcomed in MAGA. Just because some nameless trolls and handshake accounts upvote your moronic ramblings doesn't mean you would find any agreement with your hate-filled garbage in MAGA outside this group.

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Jesus said, "Love your neighbor" and, "Judge not, lest ye be judged" - all are pretty incompatible with what these hysterical Christian social conservatives are saying here.

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This isn't a Christian message board, moron, and you don't get to tell others what is degenerate or not. Even your teacher told you not to cast stones ... yet here you are ... Just because Trump held a couple of prayer circles at the WH doesn't mean you bible thumpers have the right to insult other people in MAGA.

You don't. And Donald Trump has made it very clear he finds you people about as obnoxious as white supremacists.

Seems you have found the wrong party to spread your hate. You only have an audience of trolls and handshake accounts here.

See your way to the door

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I don't waste my time discussing things with mentally retarded trolls.I just insult them until they crawl back under the slimy rock they came from. If more people would follow my example without the fear of being stalked and harassed here, perhaps you moral midgets would find another place to spread your hate and ignorance

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I'm a heterosexual male. I was just curious to see how many people on this board understood what MAGA is. Sadly all I got was bigoted trolls. The folks you need to pray for are the good folks who allow this hateful garbage to continue in this group without speaking out.

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Fuck your wrath. Save it for the children that believe such tripe. And don't bother showing me cherry-picked Bible verses from the Old Testament either because until you're willing to follow all the other archaic rules and advice in the Old Testament you're just a loud-mouth hypocrite.

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Calling me a "groomer" only shows what a window-licking retard you are. How can I be "redefining MAGA" when you read the Donald Trump quote yourself in the meme?

Is Donald Trump wrong?

Or are you a window-licking retard?

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Don't be this stupid:

Tucker: Intolerant left targets gay Trump supporters


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I couldn't give a rat's ass. I don't have kids in public schools and I wouldn't enroll them there if I did. You fail to understand MAGA is an American economic nationalisi group, not a bunch of whiny Christian social conservatives. If you want to get your dick sucked on this issue go join Ron DeSantis' Election team.

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LOL you call me a faggot and now you want to quote scripture to me. Is there a full moon tonight?

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So why are you here? Obviously, MAGA doesn't represent your moronic belief system. Trump has been called "The Greatest President Gays Ever Had" so you're in the minority here. Why are you here again?

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Publically demonstrating you are a fucking inbred moron is pretty gross too, especially when you're supposedly representing MAGA. We need a sign that says "imbecile For Trump"

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It's late. Does the group home you're living in allow the retards to play on the computer all night? Just wondering.

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Don't like it? Then why are you here? Did you see a sign that said: "Racist, Homophobe Bigots Welcome Here"? No, you didn't. Apparently, you have no clue who represents MAGA. Are you working for the F.B.I.? Or are you a Democrat plant? I think you're a retarded bigot who actually believed that MAGA was a home for his incoherent garbage because he was getting approval from trolls and handshake accounts. That's pretty fucking retarded.

Now that we've established why you are here, let me show you the door out.

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Shouldn't you be goose-stepping on the American flag or something?

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It's been inevitable for at least 40 years, ever since white people decided to kill their babies or not have them at all.

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