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Clowns hate mimes.

See the documentary Shakes the Clown for further details.

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If the real Jesus Christ were to stand up today

He'd be gunned down cold by the CIA

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Putting things in context is white supremacy, or misogyny, o-or something!

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🎶Oh, I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me

Than haveta have a frontal lobotomy🎶

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Elon touched my doodle.

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The pedo triangle spiral pointing to where the MAPs go is a nice touch.

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Looks like we've got ourselves a biologist here...

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Flaccid Snake

Fake Plisskin

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Three Steins and a Zoller - coming this Fall on NBC!

Who nose what shenanigans they'll get up to?!

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Here's a great example:

Mr. Play-It-Safe was afraid to fly

He packed his suitcase and kissed his kids goodbye

He waited his whole damn life to take that flight

And as the plane crashed down he thought "Well isn't this nice..."

And isn't it ironic... don't you think?

No, it isn't. The man was afraid to fly and with good reason, his plane crashed just as he expected it would. No irony.

Now, if Mr. Play-It-Safe here were to decide to drive to his destination, while also still being afraid to fly, and a plane crashed into his car, killing him, that would be ironic.

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Fun fact: Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell are all owned by the same parent company, Yum! Brands.

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