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Holy shit you are so below me I'm tempted to not even respond, but what you just said is so idiotic I have to.

I don't seek them out... What are you talking about ??? Getting paid?? I just see them as I'm scrolling through t_d as I usually do.

Wow da joos really do love rent free in your head if that's what you think is going on.

Ok enough with you, I have to stop taking breaks and go back to my six figure job hahaha.

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Uh, you obviously don't know what that term means. I'm not just accusing random people of being an anti-semite, I'm pointing them out based on their own comments.

These storm fags literally just call every journalist or person whose name ends in -berg a Jew, without actually even knowing if they are or not, hence the rent-free. Get on my level peasant.

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and it's the shape of a ring and everything we know is contained within it?

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I would love to see your youtube

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Aren't you retarded? The easiest way to get dismissed is by starting any statement with LouDer FoR tHe BaCk.

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Holy shit. Seek help dude. Where on this doll did the Jews touch you? Or wait, was it the christian priests who did that?

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Right... which is why they're advertising it to black people. The Whites already buy it. I don't understand why nobody gets this.

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Did you pay for it with a credit card? Hahahaha

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