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Oh I will gloat, 50 years worth

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Jesus's first miracle was turning the water into the finest wine. We are the water

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"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." Nathan Hale and me

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The equinoxes and solstices happen at the same moment around the world? Even though we all have different time zones, this is an astronomical event, based on our planet’s orbit around the Sun and tilt on its axis.

At Stonehenge: On the dawning of the summer solstice, the sun rises directly above the Heel Stone—a mysterious prehistoric monument whose origins, depending on interpretation, were as an ancient burial ground, an astrological observatory

At Machu Picchu: There is a giant stone at the top of this sacred mountain called Intihuatana, which means “the place when the sun gets tied.” Amazingly, the stone is perfectly positioned so that each corner sits at the four cardinal points (north, south, east, and west), and at an angle of about 13 degrees northward. Usually, the stone casts a shadow throughout the day, as any other structure would. However, at exactly noon on the date of the spring or fall equinox, the Sun’s shadow disappears! Therefore, the stone is a precise indicator of the date of the two equinoxes.

At Chichen Itza: Mayans built a huge pyramid around the year A.D. 1000. The play of the Sun’s light on it signals the beginning of the seasons. On the spring equinox, for example, the light pattern looks like a snake. Mayans called this day “the return of the Sun serpent.”

At Chaco Canyon: The Ancestral Puebloan people, who were expert sky watchers, carved spiral designs into rock to track the seasons and record the passage of time. In this canyon is a petroglyph called the Sun Dagger because of the way the Sun’s wedge-shape beams strike it in midday during the summer and winter solstices.

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He does have a look about him

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Sounds like a good experiment Brother Believer.

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Spot prices are for paper issued against actual metal. Manipulation!

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Jibideen one question "What did your parents do to you?"

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Do not be so quick to go cashless

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