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How do people find these kinds of jobs? I hear about these jobs but I don't know how you all get them?

Is there a place to find small businesses?

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This is one of those double edged swords. It's necessary but will further divide the nation. If you think there are echo chambers now imagine when we all live in completely different online spaces.

This will further the divide. Countries/regimes last on average 230 years. That's the average for when the entitlement, weak men, weak military leaders, acceptance of immorality comes to a head and nations collapse.

Maybe just like everything organic dies, this is our country's natural death.

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True democracy is 51% holding the other 49% hostage.

That's why we HAD a republic.

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People wonder why I'm becoming more and more angry and less tolerant.

This exactly. If you voted for Biden because you are stupid and easily manipulated I can forgive that. I cannot forgive supporting mandates that are destroying our country.

I have started cutting out all people that are okay with this.

One guy has been with out company for 20 years and he is a fanatical democrat. He left his log in open at the site. I changed a setting that caused major issues with the machine. Something simple he shouldn't have missed and got reprimanded for it.

Even if he suspects me it's his log in and his responsibility. Civil disobedience is our duty now.

Sabotage Democrats any way you can without getting caught.

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I'm all for organization but not to try and vote out people who are firmly in control of elections and get to decide their outcomes. What do you think will change?

Are they going to willingly not cheat next election because we have a few more maga people for them to shut out of election centers and count ballots in secret?

We need to start organizing militias and community programs to train and start prepping.

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Sounds good. Won't work. The deep state is too entrenched.

You can't just vote in people you want in power anymore. Any serious threats are removed. Period. The end. War is the only way out or splitting the nation.

Bernie was the top contender in the last two elections. The will of the people? Scrapped for Hillary and Biden. Kamala had like 2% approval.

They literally banned Trump and stole an election and you think a few votes will matter?

You guys are just making this harder down the line. It's time to fight.

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They weren't the kulaks that got genocided either, until they were.

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America: since forever. That's the whole spirit of America, lady. I don't give a fuck what you think, this is how I do it.

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Yin and yang. I feel the same way about them. They are actively trying to destroy my family and country. They deserve no quarter.

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And now they did. Which means they caught up in that regard. That's bad.

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It says right on their website they are news entertainment.

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The same way you fight the troops to get to the leaders/generals. There will be casualties. If the Walmart employees don't like it they can quit.

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If he were white he would already be arrested. This is Black privilege. Make no mistake.

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Putting time and resources into someone else's offspring is a quick way to end your own lineage. That's why people inherently don't want other people's kids.

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That's why Pence did what he did. He was promised the White House to turn on Trump. Now will they stab him in the back or make good is the question.

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A Greece philosopher Thucidydes said: When you separate warriors from scholars you end up with fools making your decisions and cowards fighting your wars.

None of these representatives are warriors. They are pretty wanna be tyrants and cowards.

Ancient Greece knew what was up.

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Lefties live in this fantasy world where people will just sit at home and starve or willingly go into concentration camps.

People will attack hospitals for medicine, grocery stores and supply routes for food.

And just like after 9/11 people respond instantly and violently to hijacking attempts.

We know our history and wont be led off to be executed.

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In the super unlikely scenario he does go to jail, the deep state has already promised him a light sentence and financial compensation for his silence.

At least that's what I would do in case anyone got caught.

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