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Proof that when the Dems don't think they can win, they cheat

This shows that by 2020 they would have done anything

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For the hate Jack Poso gets, he was instrumental in alerting people about this early on and killing it before it ever took off

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But the TV said Russia is losing? Why are they all scared of Russia

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He needs to make space to add Ultra MAGA, since Dems think they are the worst terrorists ever

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This guy is more obsessed with Trump than the Dems are

The other day he tweeted about Roe vs Wade - he really thinks he's in America

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The FBI may have to pull some agents off their garage noose team to do this instead

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We have the best typos folks

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Is this the unity Biden promised?

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Probably won't make a huge difference, blue states where there are ghettos in cities will still make abortion legal up to 9 months or even beyond

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I can't think of anything regarding free speech that will upset the right though

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The riots if he ever got off would be quite something

Would love to see Biden have to order the NG in to crack his voters heads

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So like $10? Their millions will be gone already

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That customer agent probably wasn't even reading what what this guy was writing

If you've ever used these chat programs from the agent side, all these responses are pre-written and they just send them if they roughly fit the context of the conversation. You'd get this exact same result if you just contacted and asked for a discount

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Remember when the Secret Service spent like 3k or something for rooms at a Trump Hotel and it was non stop media coverage about how Trump was using stealing money

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It launched weeks ago, but he doesn't even seem to post on it

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“However the UCI ruled the 21-year-old, who began hormone therapy last year to reduce her testosterone levels, was currently not compliant with its regulations as she is still registered as a male cyclist – and therefore cannot compete as a woman until her male UCI ID expires.”

The boycott wasn't the actual reason but may have helped

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Lol 2 days CNN had an article saying how it'd be so hard for him to win since the war and he's toast

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