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So they say it's both right and wrong lol

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Just to be clear though, we will be continuing to expand our activities in California, so this is not a matter of Tesla leaving California,’ he noted, adding that the company plans on increasing output in California and Nevada by 50 percent.

So more like opening another office

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Leftists be like if it saves one life it's worth

Proceed to implement communism and kill 50 million people

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Hero - but he will easily get 10 years prison for this

If you tear down a statue of one of the Founders you're ok though

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I love a rally but what's the plan? Trump needs to start talking specific action - he won't even announce his running until after the mid terms

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I'm in London

Mask mandates ended on 19th July , although you still have to wear one on planes and they will boot you off if you don't

You're also supposed to wear one on the Tube but it's not enforced

There are no vaccine mandates, but 90% of the population got it already purely due to propaganda

We are not 'free and back to normal ' as long as there are any kind of mask rules and threats of vaccine passports

But we are more free than much of America

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Its not almost 99%, it's almost 100% survival rate. 99 is rounding down

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Some say the original meme was sent via telegraph when Lincoln was president

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Please forgive me for using a fact check site, but this picture has been going around since 2009 https://www.factcheck.org/2009/04/an-unlawful-congress/

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I hate to use a fact check site, but this email started in 2009 and wasn't true then. This is so old it predates even memes


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This meme is like 10 years old and hasn't been updated that whole time either

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This copy pasta is at least 10 years old, and even back then almost none of it was true

Also how have none of the numbers changed after like 4 midterms

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