According to Mark Finnchem who Trump just endorsed, said they have it. He is on Bannons show now


Ok, what's the reason now that this is not out?

I have 2 pistols that are 38s but they may knock her on her ass. The 38s also have old ammo that goes along with them. Not even sure they work anymore. These were my Step fathers Guns. Stupid question though. should I get knew ammo?

WTF Arizona. Do it now. Use Ghost writers if you have to. Why is this all up to one fucking guy


Better not be more Tok Tok bullshit


I would think Yes but nobody has brought this up on here. Is it transmitted like AIDS or any other social disease???


Is it because it's NOT an mRNA vaxx? Or are there major issues veith this also?

He is just rambling on at this point. I would rather just here the music.


Today its back up over 600 points and not a word from the media. Figures


So all of a Sudden, its cause of the Delta Variant. They have been saying this for a Few Weeks now but, NOW thats the cause????? not inflation but the Delta Variant. so Now they have another reason to push this, GET THE VAXX Bullshit. watch the Market go up tomorrow, then what will the excuse be?


Too Funny. I just joined Yesterday. I guess they did not like the Truth or Joke or whatever got me banned. HAHAHAHA


either does ours. Amazing they were ripping on Chinas Vaxx but ours was good? WTF? Cant make this shit up. this was on Stu Varney this Morning.

Anyone know some good sites that are Drudge Style and Pro Trump? The Populace Press is so much click bait. Liberty Daily will not even mention the Audits.


I have not seen this in Years. THANKS JOE AND YOU CRIMINAL FUCKS


Fox business


Sick to her stomach, sweats, vomiting. She would have been better off getting the virus


I know. People will not watch Fox. I will bootleg it. USTVGO.TV

I can watch it their with no ratings for Fox

Unless it mean something else. Yesterday I saw a North Carolina Player have "Black Equality" on the back of His. WTF is going on with the NCAA


This piece of shit will have gas to 4 bucks a gallon in no time at all

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