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If I knew where you were, I'd pay a visit. No one should be alone.

We here for ya, Pede.

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I know about the Blood Passover.

I know hardly any practice it.

But I know the elite ones do.

I know that the Blood Passover has been practiced for centuries.

I know it involves children and that the claim to 'dragons blood' is cover for Child Christians' Blood.

And I know Christians didn't help matters... the Inquisition, Hitler himself was a Catholic...

But I'll tell you know... fuck these people who practice Ritual Child Murder.

Fuck them all.

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How in the fuck is that demonic? The Bible promises an eternity of asking and testing tbe knowledge of the world and Bible itself.

What you want to do is be an fucking animal. Good for you. Go fuck.

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The beanie guy is also Asian, just less so. Lol fail

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You're factually incorrect. If that was the case, they'd have a majority black caucus in every state but they don't. Instead the black caucus only has a majority in a very select few states and most states are still very white dominated. Over all, the Democrats are still massively white.


The point is, a Politician will always be a Politician and anyone of those types are capable of grifting. That's what makes them a Politician. And in the US, 'white folks', have been Grifting as Politicians far longer than the Black's have, so who do you think taught the grift, eh? You think the African style of grifting would work over here? Nah.

Got no time racist cucks here... there's factually no difference in the races and the Cukture that American Black's do have? Isn't even from Africa, it's from fucking Wales and England (the original Red Necks of Wales and Scots).

Go read some Thomas Sowell.

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Having read his books, he sounded exactly like a whacked out commie, only he was a socialist hack.

I admire his bravery during WW1 but the dude was an idiot and an intellectual, a mixture that leads you to Soros's and Schwab's.

And anyone who has family that actually fought in WW2 and who was physically there to see the camps, you cannot deny what happened.

This revisionist idea is dangerous as its extremely suspect of being a psy op.

I'm very well aware that a specific group of Jews are qualified as 'evil', but so are a specific group of Christians - Hitler being one of them.

This is all psy op shit.

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Site book is a web app used for scheduling and other basic accounting tasks.

The company itself is from Australia. Not sure wtf we are talking about here.

Site Book is basically a Web App mock up of Quick Books. It's nothing special outside of the fact that it provides accounting style framework from a web based application so it's highly mobile.

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I have none. Read my post, I fuck with my work mates.

As to why I point out CIA connections, go the Black Vault and just download the CIA manuals that were released over FOIA over the years. Their counter Intel, psychological operations and social engineering manuals are innfsct, available to read.

The first time conspiracy theorist was used in the press was in the early 60s by a CIA Official speaking to the press. It's a very Communist style of propaganda and psychological control - accuse others of what you're doing and exaggerate it that it seems too obsurd to be legitimate. That's their typical modis operandi

The Freedom Fighters Manual is another good source of understanding typical CIA psyop control strategy at the basic level.

I doubt AJ is CIA lol but, as a true skeptic? I always keep my mind open that he might be. He knew Jan 6 was a trap, for example. He was at the front door and screaming to let them in. As soon as the door open he immediately bailed and never went inside.


He also uncovers actual facts and truths but the nature of his presentation is extremely over the top, entertainment styled and laced with 'lunatic Christian' acting - everyone is a literal demon or lizard person and blah blah blah. That's the exaggeration that makes people not believe Alex - so when he says something like 'I'm sick of them putting shit into the water that's making the frogs gay', he's exaggerating and no one believes it because they think it's so obsurd that it's comedy - even though he was right - run off and treatment chemicals in the Mississippi have shown to make the frog wildlife on the river affected change their sexes unnaturally, in spite of the fact that amphibians are A-sexual capable and change from male to female, the studies showed it happening at far above the natural rates and was forcing the entire population to become transvestites.

I'm always the skeptic.

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Not surprising since AJ flipped on Trump several times as well. When all you see is continuous evil over and over it makes you trust no one - all that knowledge turns into a curse of the mind.

There's a reasonnwhy AJ fucked up when he said what he said about Sandy Hook. At that time, he wasn't going off a script much and was also drinking wildly due to the depression caused from what he keeps being exposed to.

AJ is kindle a lose cannon like that.

I've also had fun fucking with InfoWar fans at work because while even I admire AJ for what he's really trying to do - I don't particularly care for his literal 'snake oil' businesses and his entertainment style of telling you the 'truth'. It reeks of a CIA controlled opposition idea. I don't think it is obviously but I do fuck with my work mates by suggesting that AJ is a CIA Controlled Opposition Psyop and they tend to freak the fuck out.

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Polar Bear are not abundant lol wtf

They're big and rare, kindve a natural state.

The Ice Shelf in the Antarctic has been growing for years, so I'm not sure why that's still 'news'.

And isn't the Coral growth due to seeding? I don't recall.

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Once I get unbanned I definitely might do that lol

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You posting this stuff on Twitter for the normals? I'd love to see it.

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This is factually untrue via statistical studies. Under Trump and MAGA, there has been a growth in support specifically in higher educated classes. In this recent election, 2022 Mod Terms, MAGA voters won 2 to 4 year degrees and finally broke even at Master level education. Only Doctrate levels on up were lost - this is a massive shift.

On top of this, tbe working class shift is including more individuals with higher individual earning capacities, usually educated career workers or trade specialists.

The Democrat vote was split down to only childless women, mostly single women, inner city lower class and doctorate level educated elite class.

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You might actually win something if you stop acting like Republicans and act like MAGA in LA. While you cannot win elections there due to the rigging, you might finally motivate people to get outside and do something about it.

Having lived in the LA area before, I can assure you it's pretty 50/50 , there is a lot of Red there, especially going towards San Bernardino. The whole mid cities section like Fontana and Ranchocucomunga is full of Red. A massive chunk in Riverside is red except for down town Riverside where the artsy fartsy are at. San Bernardino is Red. North SB is red. Over bear mountains in red.

It's all red. Only the areas with gobs of money are not real red. When you get inside Anaheim and most of LA proper, long Beach, that's all Blue but there is still plenty of red vote there. There are 10s and 10s of thousands of votes in LA County alone that are military / ex military old farts and work in Aerospace. They balance out the Disney groomer population in Orange County.n

by Bullgod
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Of course we don't, but you cannot ignore that Milo lied and stole the money. He ran that charity like the BLMs grifters ran theirs.

Facts are facts. Milo isn't trustworthy at all.

by Bullgod
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Facts over feelings, faggot. Sorry.

by Bullgod
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Then show it you cunt fuck.

I don't mind seeing evidence. I'm not even taking her side. What I'm pissed about is you all acting like NPC drones and not taking the time to actually look at what is presented by Lauren.

There is a whistle-blower that has actual receipts that he took the money from the charity.

If you cannot look into that yourself, you deserve to be left behind. You're worthless. Pointless. Imbecilic and willfully stupid.

As I said, she's not 100% on board with our American values, but I've never seen her purposely lie. I've seen her be wrong. But I've never seen her lie. She might not be MAGA enough for most but it doesn't mean she's wrong in what she present here and she's not. She makes a claim, explains how she was wrong to assume Milo was trustworthy, explains how she herself falls for Stockholm Syndrome at times and even blames herself for spreading that trust of Milo to her followers, then she backs up her claim that he isn't trust worthy WITH EVIDENDE. EVIDENCE YOU CAN SEE FOR YOURSELF.

Don't believe her, just look at the evidence yourself.

If you can't do that, you do not deserve to be here.

by Bullgod
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Milo stole money and has been stealing money.

You people are just like the leftists, sold on a cult of personality and not on the values of the movement.

Facts over feeling faggot. We know Milo grifts, we have actual proofs of it.

by Bullgod
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She literally shows proof on the video you dumb fucking piece of shit.

You can still be skeptical of her but when they present evidence to actually back the claim up, which included the female thar whistle blew, her video and the receipts that prove Milo stole the money, and you still cast that aside cuz 'I'm a fucming moron and call everyone I don't like a grifter', then you're nothing but a Commie Cunt faggot to me.

Lauren is not 100% on board with our American values but I've never seen her out right purposely mislead people. SHES BEEN WRONG, JUST LIKE JOW SHES EXPLAINING SHE WAS WRONG ABOUT MILO HERE, but I've never seen her purposely mislead people. She's incredibly smart and well read and probably more than half as honest you are.

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What the fuck? That's just a wet boot or a work boot.

Been using that style of boot since rubber could be formed into boots.

Are you literally a fucking retard?

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Let me guess, if you play the tape backwards, you can hear the devil talking?

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What we call fossil fuels is in fact, fossil fuels (IE old dead shit).

What it is NOT however, is dinosaurs.

Most of what makes up our oil and gas reserves is actually old ass fucking algae from the land that time forgot.

So for all of you flat earthers and new age Creationists out there, sorry the earth is truly more than 6,000 years old.

Fortunately, it's roughly 3.8 BILLION years old and the majority of life on earth was single called organism. After that, Algae. Lots and lots of algae. Originally the algae was purple as it fed on the UV bands from the sun, which back then was brighter than it is now. The purple algae was so numerous for so long that it completely changed our atmosphere from being mostly CO2 rich to becoming O2 rich as it turned into a new algae, that was green. O2 was a toxin to the purple shit so evolution shat out some cool mutations that ended up with the common green algae, the first true Photo Synthesis. The green color is because that captures more of the Sun's bandwidth than just UV - it also catches visible bandwidth as well. Better energy harvesting. Thud is was better at shitting out O2. Yay!

And for a long ass fucking time, we had nothing but GREEN algae everywhere. Lots of it. It's the green shit that balanced our Oxygenated our atmosphere. Without the hundreds of millions of years of just green fucking algae, we'd had no life as we know it - period. Oxygen is a way better catalyst and burns more energy in the chemical reactions that powers biological systems, so with O2 now present, complex organisms more complex than just algae finally showed up. However on the grande scale, the complex life that lead to dinosaurs and eventually, us, is a blip on the radar compared to how long and how much algae existed.

The mats of algae existed for such a length of time that it's predicted over all bio mass is virtually unfathomable. That algae is what was pressed and heated into the goo we see as Oil. A lot of the more shallow oil is the stuff from dinosaurs, but the majority of Earth's oil reserves are from the billion or so years of algae bio mass. We just have to dig to get it.

There is a possible cap or limit to how much of that bio mass is accessible oil. The planets tectonics ensures that the crust recycles and so any massive oil reserves around the edges are virtually expected to be gone, burnt off. However we have found plenty of crut that does seem to be far less recycled - we found rocks in Australia that indicate they're some of the original top crust AND also gave us clues that the Earth did in fact freeze over once... maybe twice...

In either case, it means that there is still PLENTH of recently unrecycled crust to explore and thus plenty of damned oil. I'm pretty fucking certain we are not going to run out anytime soon.

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Um... source? Lol

That's not ITAR approved to say the very least.

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