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Rather easy to send the sterilizing drugs to "some" locations based on voting data.

Inb4 "white people, especially from rural areas, reacted poorly to the vaccine than more 'diverse people in the inner city due to (evil white people reason). So sorry. "

And to think I was mocking the tinfoil brigade just yesterday...

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thank God. I thought they had her debate her offspring.

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Your second act will be to visit Dallas in an convertible because they told you to or extra-else.

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The guy acts and looks like a villian from a rushed knockoff of a blockbuster movie that goes direct to streaming.

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I read the first sentence of the tard, got bored, and skipped over to see the reply and lol'd.

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They're waiting for us to react so they can follow our lead.

I see so much talk about IQ and whatnot yet those begging for violence are just random voices.

The leaders get locked up. Their voices silenced. Random extremists pop up but we all know they're just crazies.

It has to be truly organic and we have to to stand in front of the tanks for it to truly matter.

Tankman lives.

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It's almost like many folks warned about this and secret courts... 20 fucking years ago... but they were called conspiracy theorists and had been told "if you have nothing to hide, why worry?"

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What's fun is they're mostly from countries that were steamrolled by nazis or only gained their "independence" once the British EMPIRE collapsed.

Silly geese.

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to reference another joke in this thread..

It's mental illness o'clock somewhere...

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The average height of a Guatemalan woman is just shy of 5 foot.

So, if she walked from there and only ate tortillas and beans... along the way, she was likely 500 lbs rather than 200 you fucking fascists pigs. Its just extra skin from starving!

by blukid
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I made a joke about pictures popping up on his teleprompter to help keep him on track and to remind him where he was a month or so ago.

I thought it was a silly absurd joke with some basis in reality.

I thought.

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