Every grocery store has security cameras that cover the vast majority of the store and surrounding areas. This wasn't a Joker killer like last time; this isn't Vegas Gone Wrong again.

Release the footage. Show us WHY we should be disarmed by this event by giving us ALL the video evidence. Perhaps then we may consider your offer.


I may not be a smart man commie, but I know what freedom is..

Drive 30 miles outside of a majot city and look up and look down.

No "juice", no "sauce" and no "virtue signaling".

The virus is easily cut off by removing the source of transmission.

Suck my small ass dick commie glowies.

Two solid households with three partially involved units could produce a good amount of food depending on variables.

Determine your position and actively improve it.

Time to get real fags, fuck on and gear up.

Do you know and regularly interact with 5(!) of your closest neighbors? Any interesting projects yall'd like to share? (Don't)

The recent attack on Texas has us trimming and painting. Productivity. Get outside. The Sun is waiting.

Ignore the escorioso. Focus on objectives. Build. Lift. Do. Do more. Repeat.


about how orange man bad, fagcines ate good for people his party actually hates, and how Biden has placed us on a war footing..

Is this nigga retarded?

the election being stolen or covid positive people being released at the border?

Asking for science.