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What do you like? He's got Catholic stuff, social commentary, detective stories, poetry, 10,000 essays, and tons more.

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But if we mind our own damn business, how will the banksters make mega bucks financing both sides? The military industrial complex might have to get real jobs and go mow lawns or flip burgers or some other terrible fate. The Republican party couldn't stir up superficial patriotism for votes and soundbites while selling out the country to foreigners. The fake world set up by the parasite class would be rocked to the core without endless wars, fearmongering needless misery.

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We are being occupied by hostile foreign powers and traitors. Do you expect them to do anything that isn't terrible for you? They hate your guts and want to obliterate you.

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It is good if you look at it from an accelerationist point of view. Nothing is going to change while people are fat and comfortable, and if we can brace ourselves through the shit ahead we can have a better world for the future.

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Lol good luck with that now that they've fired everyone with brains or balls over the clotshot. Make sure to fill those ships with the stunning and brave tranny brigades, I'm sure they'll be fine with their coloring books and safe spaces in a warzone, what's the worst that could happen.

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What do they care if he's wearing body armor if they've already disarmed the populace and defunded the police? It'd make no difference if he did it in his birthday suit or a sherman tank given deep blue state's retarded policies.

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Clearly you personally aren't the target for this particular attack. Parents who made the mistake of drying off mom and using formula to keep their babies alive are the targets of this round.

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Welcome to fascism, where corporations and government joins together to kick you in the teeth.

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Again. Believing that all of this is always a coincidence is a way wilder conspiracy theory than the idea that rich assholes continually cause problems for profit.

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Oddly enough, they're also the biggest prudes in the world. A corny pickup line can leave them traumatized and whining on a podcast for years.

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Normally a white hat is a hacker that finds a vulnerability, and lets you know where it is instead of stealing your shit. Now I'm sure it'll include anyone doing black hat stuff against enemies of the Pedocrats.

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The coin shortage was caused by everyone having to fill their 'Alex Jones Was Right' jar.

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They're definitely more energetic than cows. They're browsers, and can eat a wide range of trees, shrubs, and other plants not palatable to other ruminants, but they are weaker than cows against mold and listeria. Big ones are counter-intuitavely easier to fence in than little ones. Some breeds are noisy (Nubians scream), while others are quiet. A good dairy doe can keep up lactation for 2 years, but you'll never get a day off. Still doable for a homestead if you do once a day milking, you just won't get as much. Cocci, barberpole worms, and mineral deficiencies are common struggles with goats, but they're great animals. All the best features of a dog and a cow all rolled into one.

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Be careful about the minis. Some are bred crappy, and have huge udders and tiny legs. I had to take care of someone's mini Jersey for a week, and it had mini legs and a full size udder, with inches of clearance between the ground and her teats. A huge pain in the ass to milk thanks to it. Go for something small but still leggy.

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I'd normally agree, but a restaurant could have been doing just fine and dandy and be barely clutching to life support now, all thanks to direct attacks from the government. No one factors being shut down by the government for over a year into their budget. Of course, I think it would be much more effective if the money was forcibly taken from the politicians themselves, their overseas bank accounts, exorbinate retirement funds, coastal mansions, ect, than hot off the printing press. The victims deserve restitution, and the criminals need to pay personally.

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