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Or you put this in the Left's face and gaslight them. "That's weird. We get mad at Putin for going after political opponents. Seems similar to what Biden is doing right now."

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Honey you failed. This is a meme being used to gaslight normies on Garland's true motivations. But you wouldn't catch that considering your post history.

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The hopelessness of realizing the hype always fails

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Strategically her visit gave them cover to perform "exercises".

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His social media handle: Rusty Shackelford

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Have they not learned their lesson from the Gay Plague?

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I've tried to warn Dems that J6 obsession would hurt them in the midterms as Americans would get pissed that they were ignoring WW3, inflation, gas and crime.

But they do them

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Tell them Ukrainians are white and that the sex trade is inundated with brown boys ans girls. That'll get them really excited.

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He abused him. But only verbally. Not physically like Brian Stelter abuses children.

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia also followed the transition of Maria Ponderosa to a cat.

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What did he do to go to jail? Nothing. He wasn't even in the WH at the back half of President Trump's time.

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Why isn't Dr Birx banned and erased from the world for this comment? That's what happened to everyone else.

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I take it as this guy did things the right way, but now the Left has jacked up the country so bad that America isn't what it was 30 years ago when he came.

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More suppression - Steve Bannon's podcast is throttled big time on Google Podcasts.

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So the doctor wasn't lying? How the turntables.

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How many dudes are running around out there thinking 15 year old boys want them? These pedophiles are mentally ill with a twist of wicked.

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Out of all the people at J6 causing a stir the NYTimes goes out of their way to defend this one plebe? What happened to guilt by association NYTimes? We are throwing people in jail just for being there...yet this one guy gets a pass? Hmmmm

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The gaggle seemed surprised about the breach to kill the dude. Sure seems like some just said f*** it let's go.

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