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I imagine Charlie Brown's teacher talking when I see him with a megaphone. Complete fucking nonsense.

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He made it clear in his press conference he is not resigning.

He's going to take his chances in court in the hopes he is acquitted.

Being a democrat, I'd say that's a pretty good bet.

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Geordi is fucking up. Picard needs to sort him out.

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Burn the American Flag?

Stunning and brave.

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This is who the deep state really wants on the 2024 ticket, and of course the faggots at Fox are coordinating the whole thing.

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Yeah, call in and report a "Blacks-only Playgroup" sign, and the bastards will arrest YOU.

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Why do the children of rich people always seem to be liberal?

Because they've never had to work a day in their lives and don't know the value of a dollar or how hard taxes hurt.

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Even if they assassinate Trump, I'm still voting for him.

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So Donald Trump, the leading candidate by a wide margin, did not qualify?

This gives him the perfect excuse for not attending. "Not that I would bother with these assholes anyway, but I didn't even qualify, so it was never even an option."

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"Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer had no such qualms, however, and welcomed the plant with open arms as her state government pumped $1 billion into the project."

Yeah, Ford will be keeping the money, you dumb bitch.

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The Abrams tank gets about 6 mpg.

What is the equivalent in miles per cheeseburger for this variant?

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When peasants like this man and myself start making these kinds of connections, they damn well better take notice.

We're just about done with your bullshit, you lying, corrupt motherfuckers.

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Mayor Harambe is sending the illegals to mostly white, conservative Staten Island as a big fuck you, and they are not happy about it. He is exporting his problems to others who didn't sign up for this bullshit.

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Where is all the "no one is above the law" virtue signaling we heard from Pelosi and all the other assholes when Trump was indicted?


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There is a massive wall around Vatican City.

Tear down this wall, Francis Satan.

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a bartender part-time, tip stealing bartender who has somehow made millions on a $174k per year salary.

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I was pretty amazed when the wife brought home McDonalds and it was $18 for one combo meal and a couple of their small cheeseburgers.

Biden is a disaster.

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The CDC is a state-controlled political organization masquerading as a medical organization.

Their primary job is pushing state narratives. Any medical function is subservient to their political goals.

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Trial? Sure, just use the same due process rules used against Trump in the fake and gay impeachments.

Defendant has no right to appear, no right to representation, to introduce evidence, to contradict evidence, to cross examine witnesses, to introduce witnesses, no right to discovery, etc.

Democrats must be held to the same standards they hold us to. They will not like it.

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Old demented farts like Biden are used to a time when they could go before a crowd, lie their asses off, and never get called out.

Not such a great plan in the Information Age.

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"extremist right wing zealot with no regard for human life"


If Trump used this sort of language he would be accused of "harsh rhetoric inciting violence."

Fuck this guy.

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Chicago made a promise to these people and now they have to keep that promise.

Was it worth a little anti-Trump virtue signaling and 24 hours in the news cycle, assholes?

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