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Considering the president is one heck of an expert on this, is anyone surprised?

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why would you come back into a room where you'll be gaslit for 2 hours and not allowed to have a conversation about jewish power?

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Can't post this stuff here. I'm done with this place for a while. Been a supporter of Trump since the escalator ride and have watched Nick since HWNDU and can't believe the state of this site and the retards who don't get what Nick/Ye/Milo and the whole AF crew are doing. Too low IQ to ever get it.

Call me a fed, a shill, a catboy whatever. Fucking boomer idiots.

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He does know. Trump lied in this statement bigly.

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he's not, those are all lies by the jew. Anyone who really watches his show knows he has the charisma to be president in 2036.

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Nick Fuentes and everyone who was unfairly banned will return.

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