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But why would an idea incite violence?

Twitter is telling the truth. The violence is leftwing violence.

That TIME magazine report explained it like this:

"The summer uprising had shown that people power could have a massive impact. Activists began preparing to reprise the demonstrations if Trump tried to steal the election. “Americans plan widespread protests if Trump interferes with election,” Reuters reported in October, one of many such stories. More than 150 liberal groups, from the Women’s March to the Sierra Club to Color of Change, from Democrats.com to the Democratic Socialists of America, joined the “Protect the Results” coalition. The group’s now defunct website had a map listing 400 planned postelection demonstrations,** to be activated via text message** as soon as Nov. 4. To stop the coup they feared, the left was ready to flood the streets. "

The Democrat/BLM coalition consider accurate reporting on the election to be a form of 'Trump tried to steal the election'. And they've threatened to mobilize more than 150 radical groups (Such as Extinction Rebellion and ShutDownDC.org) with a single mass-text message. In response, the RINO Chamber of Commerce has taken a knee, to avoid their businesses & the economy being slaughtered. They've formally agreed to go along with Big Tech, Fake News, the DNC, BLM & ANTIFA. They literally called themselves a "conspiracy" in TIME magazine.

Everyone's in on it, except the millions of law-abiding Trump voters disenfranchised.


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When 2020's BLM mayhem was in full swing, I listened to leftwing public radio-- and heard a (very rare) ACCURATE report:

The solid reporting was due to internal conflicts within the Left. <-- the reporters were genuinely concerned that lefty infighting would re-elect Trump.

On one hand-- BLM rioters smashed the headquarters of the AFL-CIO, because the Police Unions are part of the AFL-CIO.

AFL-CIO resisted calls from their member-unions to cancel the PBA police unions. (AFL-CIO makes a lot of money from police union-dues.)

But AFL-CIO sent a mixed-message: they put-up giant plywood-panel letters reading BLACK LIVES MATTER across the AFL-CIO headquarters-- over the windows BLM had smashed.

TIME magazine published an article-- in which the Left BRAGGED ABOUT the truce among their factions-- from unions to BLM to antifa.

And the truce ACTIVELY INCLUDED REPUBLICANS: the RINO GOP and the Big Business Corporate Fatcats-- joined with Antifa & BLM against Trump-- to disenfranchise Trump's voters. Before, during, and after the election.

The National Pulse article is great. But I'd like to humbly point-to my own summary of the TIME article: https://patriots.win/p/12hR2vpFGX/that-time-magazine-article-about/