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The whole story is ... something.

She studied "Islam science" and married some Libanese guy in Syria. They had two kids with "totally German" names of Amer and Malek.

She sent her kids to Germany for free education and eventually returned to Germany after Syrian refugees robbed her in Libanon. Her sons had to warn her about drug dealers and criminals in Germany but she still thought it a good idea to help these people.

The migrant who stabbed her said he did it because women aren't allowed to work in Islam. Guess she should have known better. She studied Islam after all.

Of course the perp is getting the mental health treatment.That way he won't get too harsh a sentence and politicians can continue to pretend this has nothing to do with Islam.

She's still alive but largely a vegetable because of brain damage.

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Lashawn McNeil, 47, - who was out on probation at the time on a 2003 felony narcotics charge in New York City, and who had four arrests in other states

That's the problem. His mental health professionals and anti-gun units won't do jack shit until prosecutors who put criminals back on the streets are held accountable for their actions. They're the ones responsible for these repeat offenders.

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Alright, I'm going to play snopes:

Nordstream 2 still doesn't have an operation permit (it's being stalled by the Greens).

Same reason the LNG port got canceled: eco activists and their lawfare. They'd rather Germans freeze to death or starve than have any new fossil fuel projects.

The UK never even asked for military overflights because they didn't want to deal with Germany's shit.

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I made meat loaf wrapped in puff pastry today.

Not intentionally related to anything. Maybe he subconsciously inspired me.

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These kinds of videos are usually from south america.

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That's literally the opposite of what OP said. They passed a vax mandate for healthcare workers in December. That's what this notice is about.

They'll start discussing a general mandate next week.

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It's a lie. I live in Germany. They are full steam ahead on a general mandate.

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Yea, the German government is going to start discussing specific legislation for a general mandate next wednesday. There's a big majority in the government in favor of forcing the vax on everybody.

Hell, they even already bought the doses for the mandate.

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Germany hasn't cancelled anything. They're still going ahead with a general vax mandate and there's already a mandate for healthcare workers.

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lack of appealing Democratic alternatives

Liz Cheney


Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has become a hero of the left

Really tells you all you need to know about her.

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Worked for my. I have Javascript disabled by default. That might block the paywall. Or maybe try clearing cookies. Some sites allow you to view one article for free before they start showing the paywall.

Alternatively, archives: https://archive.fo/O6CMC

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“A Marxist system is recognized by the fact that it spares criminals and criminalizes political opponents.” -Solzhenitsyn

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Communism is winning in Western Europe. Most certainly in Germany. France too if Macron wins the next election. Also: Austria, Italy and Spain.

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You're talking the like the EU won't be communist by then.

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It's actually kind of impressive. The government tried to ban protests so people started a denial of service attack by randomly coming together for thousands of small not-a-protest walks.

Been to a couple of them. The one thing that scares the government is: it's regular people who are fed up, not the "professional" activist protesters you usually see. They try to smear them as Nazis but if you actually go to one you see it's just your neighbors.

Is it going to change anything or are the government going full fascist? Who knows. The one thing I know is I'll be there again tomorrow and next monday.

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I wish.

Austria, Germany, France and Italy are still very much on the COVID tyranny train and going full steam ahead.

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Oh it get's better:

The double vaxxed are now no longer entitled to continued pay if they have to quarantine due to contact with an infected. Only the boostered get paid.

People who got the J&J vax are now officially unvaxxed.

Natural immunity officially only lasts 2 months.

Protests against vax mandates are forbidden. Counter-protests (in favor of vax mandates/lockdowns) are allowed.

Britain can afford to open up because their vax rate (~71%) is higher than Germany's (~72%) (no, i did not mix up those numbers).

A mandatory vax means you'll get vaxxed voluntarily because "nobody is forcing you".

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Your health and thus your life will be better without all this shit.

You really want sweets? Make them yourself.

That way you don't just stuff your face with calorie-laden cheap shit by the package. You learn a skill. You know what's in it. And you'll eat less because you appreciate the effort it took to create it.

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Look at the debt pile they've left for us.

The younger generations are in no position to complain about debt. They're a major driver behind it. All that climate and socialist shit is going to dwarf previous spending.

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Doubt it. The younger generation is so indoctrinated they don't know fiction from reality. They're so deep in the narrative barely anyone will get out.

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