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People who abandon friends and family over something like this make me laugh.

Can't tell you how many comments I've seen from people like "One of my friends i've known since 1986 told me she isn't getting the vaccine...I'm literally shaking. You think you know someone..."

Yeah, your good friend for 30 years but because of this one particular thing you're going to convince yourself they've been acting your entire life and are secretly a nazi waiting to strike. Now, after an entire lifetime of clearly fake friendship, you know better and can avoid talking to them forever.

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For it to not just end up in the hands of a democrat you'd have to make the argument that the entire cabinet is illegitimate and must be thrown out and that the senate majority leader is also illegitimate because the Democrats wouldn't own the senate. Even then, it would take some hard evidence to convince people that the Democrats wouldn't still own the House, making Pelosi president.

People could try to make the argument that if we can prove Biden lost and Trump won, then the presidency should simply switch to Trump. But that's never happened and there's no legal process for it.

To be completely realistic, the best we could probably hope for is the illegitimate Senate races being recalled and given a new election. Then, the presumably Republican senate would have to do the rest....except they can't without a supermajority which they won't have.

Ask yourself this - what happens if the Democrats simply say no? Sure we cheated, no we won't leave office. Just no. Who is going to make them? The military? That would be treason if they're still in office. If the MSM doesn't admit the cheating, 50% of the population will literally never believe there was fraud, it will always be an alt-right conspiracy.

The courts would have to step in and make a judgement and essentially order the military to overthrow the government, which would be a major overstep of their power and a frankly shocking precedent to set, even considering the situation. I honestly doubt they would, which leaves us with two actual options.

Either the Dems peacefully leave on their own or it's civil war to make them leave.

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Yep, anyone outside of the 20% of people who actually pay attention to this stuff will just say "lol the vote fraud conspiracy again? Go back to the looney bin redneck" and that'll be the end of it.

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True modern fascism isn't about having a military police marching the streets to collect dissidents. It's about having an infinite list of obscure rulings and laws you can use to selectively punish and oppress the specific people you choose.

Everyone is guilty of something. Ignore the guilty from supporters and persecute the adversaries.

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NC feels pretty sus. Huge support for Forest, Cooper imposes mask mandates that piss everyone off. They call all races except the presidential one the night of the vote, we win both senate seats easily and they spend three weeks waiting to see if they need to stuff votes for Biden or not. Meanwhile Cooper wins reelection in a landslide, despite republicans winning every other office up for grabs.

I guess the media would have me believe that all the pro-Trump republicans in NC just love Cooper and his masks that much. And his newly-stacked state supreme court that shot down voter ID that we, the voters, passed in a direct vote.

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Except this is how 100% of their interactions with the public go. Every time they have to get aggressive to control a black person, there will be a dozen black people on the sideline screaming at them to go away and that they didn't do nothin. If they had to "give a shit" every single time they'd never be able to do their job, and they certainly wouldn't be able to keep themselves safe.

I agree with the general sentiment I see a lot here - it's time for cops to just stop. People want a no-police nation, let them have it. It's too dangerous to be police right now.

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I don't think it's as complicated as you make it seem. Yeah, Chauvin was an idiot. But I think the simple matter is that kneeling on people's necks was 100% within the handbook so he knew he wasn't doing anything wrong. Why give a shit if people are filming if you know you're doing everything by the book?

Let's also not forget that it was probably silly to think Floyd would die. I'm sure Chauvin has been in this exact situation several times before and it was always fine. Who knew Floyd had heart disease or was ODing? If Floyd had lived this never would've even made the news.

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I'm not willing to throw my admittedly pretty good life away for the nation. Neither is anyone else, it seems. Once you accept the black pill that our government is fake and the only way forward is with bullets, you also have to accept that if you're not willing to start shooting then it's time to chill out and stop worrying about it because what will happen will happen.

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The moderates are gone because we gave up when the election was stolen. Only the most radical people still give enough of a fuck about a battle they literally can't win to still obsess over political hate porn every day.

I only check TDW as a source of news. But checking comments on threads to see how upset people are is entertaining. This place definitely went off the rails this year. People need to learn to chill out and live their life as best they can, no use getting upset over a government you have literally no control over anymore.

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I like the idea, but the problem is that the government has to pass a lot of "janitorial" legislation. These spending bills often include hundreds of items for different government agencies that are more or less guaranteed passes, splitting them up into their own bills would take massive amounts of time even just to do the roll call and vote on them one by one, they'd never get anything else done. Personally I would love the government to never get anything done but seems I'm a minority on that.

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All this taught them is they need to put a wall up before they fuck us.

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If we're to believe the government is actually compromised as it seems to be, why do we think he wasn't probably threatened?

They rigged the election, they rigged the courts, they rigged Congress, but they wouldn't ever be so bold as to tell Trump to back down or die, no that would be a step too far!

You can say you'd die on your feet but the Holocaust proves 99.99% of people will not. And those with families are even less likely to.

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Thinking Trump was on "their side" is one of the most autistic beliefs imaginable. If that were the case they wouldn't hate him like they do. Or do you think all the hate was "just for show?" Because there's no reason to even put on a show. They can do whatever they want, whether we or they like the president or not, see Obama's 8 years.

No, Trump was definitely an outsider and it pissed them off royally to lose control of the government for 4 years. They will also make sure it never happens again.

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They will argue that you have a right to your medical privacy. But they have a right to deny service if you can't prove you are vaccinated. No shoes, no shirt, no jab, no service.

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Birthing persons and non-birthing persons*

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Hate to say it but it's probably not about his legacy. If he's still hanging out in DC, which he seems to be, he's surrounded by traitors from both parties at all hours of the day. It's probably more like "read this script or your family will have a weird accident."

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Honestly I don't really disagree with you. But a lot of the younger generation seem somewhat based, they see the fake news and the censorship and it seems insane to them. A lot of the current kids of millennials also see their parents massively overreacting to little things and think it's crazy. I don't know, I don't have a lot of hope but I have a little hope that Z and beyond will actually grow up better than millennials did.

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One of my Q following relatives thinks the '10 days' starts tonight. So maybe that? But since Q is full of shit or even potentially a CIA spook, the date means nothing.

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Nah, they will use him as an effigy to denounce the evils of "white supremacy" and talk about how 2016-2020 is the darkest era of American history. They will make an example out of him to brainwash kids for generations to come. And when the GOP falls apart, the history books won't say it was because the people loved Trump and the GOP betrayed him, the books will say that everyone despised Trump and his hateful, dangerous rhetoric and incompetent leadership so much that they turned on his entire party.

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Wow someone speaking the actual truth here. I cannot fathom how so many people can simultaneously believe the election was rigged and also say stupid shit like "we're just getting started! It'll be a long fight but we'll get 'em eventually!"

No, we won't. If the elections are fake, there is literally no way to "get em" and there never will be. If you try to argue with them in public, they will censor you. If you try to vote against them, they will make up the numbers and win anyway. If you try to make public demonstrations, they will use the media to twist it into you being a terrorist.

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state legislatures to pass election reform

You sure about this? North Carolina has a supermajority republican state government. 55% of of the population voted yes to voter ID in a direct vote in 2018. The state supreme court immediately shot it down. We went into 2020 with no voter ID.

The people have no voice.

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You probably have the cause and effect backwards. I imagine if you get high enough on the ladder to get noticed you would indeed be given an offer to join the club at some point. You can take the deal, get plenty of funding for your campaign, maybe they'll even rig it for you so you can't possibly lose. In return, all you have to do is whatever they say, vote on the bills they want and put on a good show on twitter for the peasants. Oh, and just rape this kid real fast so we have evidence that can destroy your life if you ever turn on it. The price of trust.

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Unfortunately, the ability for states to govern themselves independent of the federal government went out the window permanently when the confederacy seceded from the union and were then conquered.

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