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Where else, in your neck?

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To my knowledge they haven't attempted to justify this yet (though I didn't watch all 8 hours of the panel).

But my best guess is that their argument would be that even if the vaccine "wears off" after 6 months, you're still slightly protected, which makes a 3rd vaccine riskier than the almost-definitely-mild COVID you'd get if you were infected at that point.

But, in theory, your chances of having a much more dangerous infection with zero vaccines is higher. So they'd probably argue that the risk of COVID > the risk of the vaccine for the first two shots, until you're protected "enough" that the risk of the vaccine > the risk of COVID, even if you aren't fully immune. Risks from COVID go down with each successive vaccination, but risk of vaccine stays the same, stands to reason at some point the shot becomes more risky, they seem to be settling on shot #3 for now.

Of course, all of this also implies that they do absolutely accept that the vaccine kills some people. And they're still arguing about making it a mandatory requirement and calling it an acceptable loss. Kind of horrifying if you think about it. Human lives just a bunch of numbers on paper to them.

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If you're curious. my honest and as level-headed as possible take is that the vaccine has like a one in ten million chance of killing someone. But if you're below 65 and healthy COVID also has like a one in ten million chance of killing someone. Virus skeptics fear that covid can have lifelong complications like permanent lung damage. Vaccine skeptics believe the vaccine can have terrible side effects like heart inflammation.

Both seem to have risks, maybe even roughly equal risks. But if you take the vaccine, you have a 100% chance to take the vaccine's risks. If you don't take it, you have a 0% and some indeterminate chance of risking covid's effects. That chance is definitely lower than 100% though. And, since the vaccine doesn't actually stop you from getting covid, and might not even work after 6 months at all...the odds just keep getting worse for it.

If you're fat and/or old, though, you should probably get the vaccine, because your chance of having problems with COVID go way up. My parents are 70+ and got it because they also don't want to infect and kill THEIR parents who are near 100, which seems reasonable to me. Personally, I'm pretty young still so I don't really care about it.

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It's not just pfizer, that's just the one they looked at I believe. I'm seeing data from doctors who are actually testing their patients showing that moderna/pfizer are pretty equal, and both "wear off" after about 6 months. J&J basically doesn't do anything at all. For people who want to be as safe as possible, 6-month boosters are absolutely necessary.

Of course, the vaccine can kill you, too. That's why they released this info to say that yes, the booster is actually riskier than COVID if you're under 65. If you're over 65, COVID is riskier so you should get the booster.

They will argue that the first two shots still provide some level of resistance to the disease, so getting the first two shots is still less of a risk than getting COVID with no shots. And their opinion will likely still be that everyone should have the first two shots regardless.

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You're completely right, and that pisses me off too. Gives everyone a bad name, just like BLM makes everyone more racist, not less.

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I guess my point is it's possible you've met trans people who aren't obnoxious and simply didn't realize they were trans in the first place. I mean, that's the goal for people who aren't insane.

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If you met a trans person who didn't have an additional mental disorder and was passing and acting normally, would you even realize it?

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These women are religiously anti-trans, actually. GC is notoriously hated by mainstream reddit for being full of "TERFs." These women are the ones who are against shaving their body hair, don't wear deodorant, never use makeup and burn their bras because "those are all things MEN want us to do." It's those types.

Their opinion is more likely to be that even if you treat a boy as a girl he will inevitably grow up to be a violent predator and a rapist because "that's just what testosterone does to boys." They vehemently believe that all men are violent animals and there's nothing you can do about it and that's why they despair at the idea of having one.

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"Also we, my husband and I, are the only ones that don't call him a her and his new name and sex; which he changed legally. He does not mind at all and understands."

You claim he understands, but have you considered he just doesn't want to get into a fight over it? I'm curious about the logic here - you seem to think you are being perfectly loving and supportive, yet you also insist on being the only people in his life to refer to him differently than everyone else, including himself.

You accept him being trans, but you insist on using his birth name and pronouns because...? You also put "trans" in quotes, and this whole comment just really piqued my interest as to how you think his situation is somehow unique and different.

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Talking about me? I would more or less agree with that statement, not sure why you think I wouldn't.

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Hah, a lot of people are very unhappy in general and take it out on everyone else. The "breeders" comment isn't even exclusive to LGBT types. Check out reddit's "childfree" sub if you want to see a collection of some of the most blatantly unhappy people on the planet - most of them probably cis and straight. Though I do think the internet tends to attract the unhappiest people who can't cope with their day-to-day life, which makes society in general seem more insane than it is. Doubly so for LGBT types who have an even harder time living their day-to-day lives and are more likely to be unhappy and more likely to hide on the internet.

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I'd like to think most of us agree that children shouldn't be involved. I knew I was transgender as a child, pretty much as soon as I had the mental capacity to realize men and women were different. But I didn't act on it until I was a self-sufficient adult and at the end of my mental development. People change, especially kids.

If it makes you feel any better, very few doctors would prescribe hormones to kids. It's hard enough for kids to even get access to hormone blockers to stop puberty, and those are mostly harmless (as far as we know - actually I'd love to rant about trans healthcare but that's another topic). I agree, though, that there are very loud voices advocating for very stupid things that I wish I could do something about. And celebrities using their "trans" kids as some sort of fashion accessory pisses me off.

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Well, no, but I haven't really met one. Just like I don't go flaunting my gender disorder in public, I don't actively try to join LGBT circles. I have definitely heard of trans "folx" who get mad at others for "enforcing gender stereotypes" or whatever the fuck, and I would have a huge issue with that if I did meet one.

But, to date I've met 0 other trans people in "real life" (lol). But I live on the east coast, nowhere near hellholes like CA.

I do read a few trans forums online but I don't participate...they would ban me if they knew what I believed. Just like I was banned from both the main lesbian and the main women's subreddits just for being a the_donald user. Big fan of their "love and acceptance...unless you leave the cult" ideology as you can imagine.

I wish I could keep up the good fight but I'm not sure how, haha. If you speak up at all against the craziest side of the "community," the ones like in OP's image that give everyone else a terrible name, you get thrown out. Plus, like many cis women I just don't want to fight with people and am pretty quiet usually.

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Hey, trans girl here. Lion (fuck the RINO GOP), conservative, been on the donald since summer of 2016, voted Trump both times and will do it again. Feel free to check my comment history, even if I do rarely post.

Never thrown a tantrum. Granted, you probably wouldn't realize I was trans if we met in person. I haven't been called "sir" since I started transitioning. But if I was, I would just smile and shrug, just like I laugh at most of the comments in this thread.

You've probably seen a lot of trans people at the grocery store and never realized it. The goal of most transgenders is to be unrecognizable. Not necessarily pretty or attractive, just so unmistakably their chosen gender that they blend in completely.

Always happy to talk to anyone about their misconceptions about the trans community. Most people on the donald would be interested to hear about how there are actually two subgroups of transgenders - those who think you have to feel dysphoria to be trans (i.e. it's a medical condition) and those who think anyone can just declare they're trans and change pronouns on a whim and we should all accept that (note: these two groups absolutely hate each other).

But I guess this reply is already long enough. Not really sure what I wanted to accomplish here, but maybe next time you see two girls like my wife and I at the checkout line and think they must just be best friends you'll remember this post, even if just for a moment.

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People who abandon friends and family over something like this make me laugh.

Can't tell you how many comments I've seen from people like "One of my friends i've known since 1986 told me she isn't getting the vaccine...I'm literally shaking. You think you know someone..."

Yeah, your good friend for 30 years but because of this one particular thing you're going to convince yourself they've been acting your entire life and are secretly a nazi waiting to strike. Now, after an entire lifetime of clearly fake friendship, you know better and can avoid talking to them forever.

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For it to not just end up in the hands of a democrat you'd have to make the argument that the entire cabinet is illegitimate and must be thrown out and that the senate majority leader is also illegitimate because the Democrats wouldn't own the senate. Even then, it would take some hard evidence to convince people that the Democrats wouldn't still own the House, making Pelosi president.

People could try to make the argument that if we can prove Biden lost and Trump won, then the presidency should simply switch to Trump. But that's never happened and there's no legal process for it.

To be completely realistic, the best we could probably hope for is the illegitimate Senate races being recalled and given a new election. Then, the presumably Republican senate would have to do the rest....except they can't without a supermajority which they won't have.

Ask yourself this - what happens if the Democrats simply say no? Sure we cheated, no we won't leave office. Just no. Who is going to make them? The military? That would be treason if they're still in office. If the MSM doesn't admit the cheating, 50% of the population will literally never believe there was fraud, it will always be an alt-right conspiracy.

The courts would have to step in and make a judgement and essentially order the military to overthrow the government, which would be a major overstep of their power and a frankly shocking precedent to set, even considering the situation. I honestly doubt they would, which leaves us with two actual options.

Either the Dems peacefully leave on their own or it's civil war to make them leave.

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Yep, anyone outside of the 20% of people who actually pay attention to this stuff will just say "lol the vote fraud conspiracy again? Go back to the looney bin redneck" and that'll be the end of it.

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True modern fascism isn't about having a military police marching the streets to collect dissidents. It's about having an infinite list of obscure rulings and laws you can use to selectively punish and oppress the specific people you choose.

Everyone is guilty of something. Ignore the guilty from supporters and persecute the adversaries.

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NC feels pretty sus. Huge support for Forest, Cooper imposes mask mandates that piss everyone off. They call all races except the presidential one the night of the vote, we win both senate seats easily and they spend three weeks waiting to see if they need to stuff votes for Biden or not. Meanwhile Cooper wins reelection in a landslide, despite republicans winning every other office up for grabs.

I guess the media would have me believe that all the pro-Trump republicans in NC just love Cooper and his masks that much. And his newly-stacked state supreme court that shot down voter ID that we, the voters, passed in a direct vote.

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Except this is how 100% of their interactions with the public go. Every time they have to get aggressive to control a black person, there will be a dozen black people on the sideline screaming at them to go away and that they didn't do nothin. If they had to "give a shit" every single time they'd never be able to do their job, and they certainly wouldn't be able to keep themselves safe.

I agree with the general sentiment I see a lot here - it's time for cops to just stop. People want a no-police nation, let them have it. It's too dangerous to be police right now.

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I don't think it's as complicated as you make it seem. Yeah, Chauvin was an idiot. But I think the simple matter is that kneeling on people's necks was 100% within the handbook so he knew he wasn't doing anything wrong. Why give a shit if people are filming if you know you're doing everything by the book?

Let's also not forget that it was probably silly to think Floyd would die. I'm sure Chauvin has been in this exact situation several times before and it was always fine. Who knew Floyd had heart disease or was ODing? If Floyd had lived this never would've even made the news.

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I'm not willing to throw my admittedly pretty good life away for the nation. Neither is anyone else, it seems. Once you accept the black pill that our government is fake and the only way forward is with bullets, you also have to accept that if you're not willing to start shooting then it's time to chill out and stop worrying about it because what will happen will happen.

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The moderates are gone because we gave up when the election was stolen. Only the most radical people still give enough of a fuck about a battle they literally can't win to still obsess over political hate porn every day.

I only check TDW as a source of news. But checking comments on threads to see how upset people are is entertaining. This place definitely went off the rails this year. People need to learn to chill out and live their life as best they can, no use getting upset over a government you have literally no control over anymore.

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I like the idea, but the problem is that the government has to pass a lot of "janitorial" legislation. These spending bills often include hundreds of items for different government agencies that are more or less guaranteed passes, splitting them up into their own bills would take massive amounts of time even just to do the roll call and vote on them one by one, they'd never get anything else done. Personally I would love the government to never get anything done but seems I'm a minority on that.

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