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Please do not call other people retarded when you can't even use the correct acronym.

HIPAA only applies to Covered Entities, which are Healthcare Providers, Health Plans, and Health Care Clearinghouses.


Also. A fucking HOSPITAL is a Healthcare Provider, you moron.

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Oh, I'm a troll because I'm more concerned about how I'm going to pay my rent after I get fired than I am about Trump making more money? He still supports the vaccine that is going to destroy my life. You people are fucking insane.

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Sorry I don't have money to throw away when my wife and I are both about to lose our jobs. Also, go fuck yourself.

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And what is Massie or any other Republican DOING about it?

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Millions of us are going to lose our jobs over illegal Vax mandates, but we should cheer Trump on for making more money?

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Should already be happening

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Oathbreakers get the rope.

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The only discharging should be service weapons into the skulls of communist officers. Time to man up, Sailors.

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I wouldn't be so sure... faggot grifters give a shit about being called a racist. A lot of us don't give a shit.

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I would sell all of my worldly possessions to pay for the opportunity to punch this feckless faggot, just once, as hard as I can.

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Good. Let the liberal shitstains fucking slaughter each other.

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I'm REALLY looking forward to food riots in big cities.

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Been working at Dominos for 8 years now. All of this is 100% accurate.

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