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No dude. We have to change the government. Prepping is giving up. Because when it gets to a level that YOU think is intolerable, you’re quitting.

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This gets pinned too? Who the fuck is running this site now? A bunch of doomer defeatists, apparently. This is like a 3rd grade level meme.

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Prepping is about individual and not community. You gonna help your neighbor out? You gonna turn your neighbor away when his family is in need? If you’re think prepping will save you you’re wrong. The whole system collapses and you’re delaying the inevitable. Sorry Bud it’s such a fantasy that prepping is gonna protect you. Been watching too much tv.

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Oh boy… preppers are getting pinned?! Fuck this site is getting bad. Prepping is not MAGA at all it’s defeatist and basically what a loser would do.

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Agree. To hate our country is ridiculous. It’s what we yelled at the left for the last 40 years. It’s the bullshit that some get away with, but I can’t say I hate the idea of our country and my neighbors. I do hate the left and some of the right

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Why is shit like even posted here?

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How did this beta retard ever get elected

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If you don’t at least hear what he’s got to say… you’re helping big pharma.

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So you think Malone is controlled? Trump got it too… and boosted.

Malone and Berenson are both good, Berenson just had some beef with Malone saying he invented the vaccine

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I saw a dude with a UUUUGE Biden Loves Minors sticker in his back window of his pickup truck

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Listen you slow motion retard. This was in 2017… WHEN WE WERE ONLY ON REDDIT. In case you don’t know history, we exist here because we started on Reddit. You are a typical kneejerk train jumper.

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Don’t be a fucking retard. It’s in the comments. And since you don’t even look there to FIND the link… you aren’t going to read the article anyway. Get the fuck outta here idiot.

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You are still handsome Pepe… even with your man boobs!

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Yeah the reports over the veterinarian vaccine Pfizer made for cows used in Germany 20 years ago… killed thousands of calves born to cows that got it. Calves died BLEEDING to death out of their eyes, ears and skin! They called it it blood sweating!

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The superintendent of my sons school touted their breakfast for kids reminding parents that it is available. I emailed him and pointed out that some days it’s JUST A DONUT. His response was , “while donuts aren’t overly healthy, the kids really like them.”


by Arkham
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You were wrong… so now what’s the reason?

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Get this bullshit out of here. This is what happens when old people get on here… they turn it into Facebook

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Good one. And please keep logging in with your other profile so you can upvote yourself. We all know a boomer doomer when we see one. Give your buddy Ray our regards.

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Don’t be a negative retard. As GEOTUS famously said, “Go home to mommy!”

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