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And they are a violation of the rights of those criminals and drug dealers. To be a criminal you must be human. It should never ever be easy to do the job of a cop. It should be way easier to be a crook than a cop. And it should be way easier to shoot crooks to death than to call the cops.

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She may find enough inner strength to find happiness and joy. But her body will forever be scarred and mutilated. The first time she takes her shirt off for a boy he'll be shocked and disappointed. and it will break her heart over and over.

These little boys will always feel sexual attraction. the evolutionary impotice for reproduction will never ever go away. It will only grow stronger and more desperate. and there will never be any possibility at the basic satisfaction that even a hand can bring.

We haven't seen very many female mass shooters. Give it 10 years. There will be so fucking many we'll be wondering why the 2010s were even a problem.

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Maybe he did and he's posting this hoping someone already has a few saved links to the documents in question.

This site is a wellspring of good information.

Stop being weak. Stop being a faggot. Go unwedge your panties from your massive gaping vag and ignore posts you don't like. It's easy. I do it 100000000000000 times a day.

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Because this website is a wellspring of good information and if anyone out there has access to these documents then they are almost certain to post it in this thread.

And if you aren't seeing anyone posting these documents here then it's because nobody who's not in on it has actually seen these documents.

Be irritated all you want but that just makes you weak. And a faggot.

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I mean.. she can tell you exactly where she is... but only if you don't ignore the phone when you see her calling while there's a shooting going on in her classroom. Idk.. maybe not everyone would act as you do.

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Some people are communists who want you rob you, murder you, take your children, torture them, rape them, indoctrinate and subjugate them. And they think it's funny. Are these people rational? Are you trying to deny their existence?

There are people who want everyone to be disarmed except for the government. But also believe that our government is irredeemably evil, because it was built for the sole purpose of crushing down anyone seen as "lesser." Are these people rational? Can you deny their existence because they are irrational?

Most people shudder at the thought of infanticide. yet the topic is being discussed in the highest offices in our government. It's being discussed because a major section of our representatives in the state outright and repeatedly REFUSE to say that infanticide is wrong. These people exist. They are actors in this world with us. They are capable of making children just like you or me. They come with all necessary hardware. But they are not rational.

Murder is completely and universally irrational. Yet we have alllllll kinds of fancy words for murder. Off the top of my head? Suicide, self. Infanticide, murder within first year of life. Siblicide, infanticide by sibling. Prolicide, infanticide by parent. Fillicide, child murder by parent. Parricide, parent murder by child. Patricide, father murder by child. Matricide, mother murder by child.

That's three different words for killing your parent. Clearly murdering your parents is irrational. No matter how bad the situation for the child, murder would be an irrational decision that is completely incongruous with the idea of getting yourself into a better situation. Which would be the only rational objective of such an act. And yet human beings do these things often enough that we have words to describe the actions.

Familicide, murder of the whole family, suicide sometimes included. Fratricide, brother. Sororicide, sister. There are different words for killing an elderly person by neglect, or actively killing them because they became a burden. There are two different words for killing one's spouse because it can go both ways.

Why, do you assume that something cannot happen because someone acted irrationally? 99% of human being act irrationally 99% of their entire lives.

We are apes who developed reason. We are not creatures born of reason fallen to roam among apes.

Not all of us are rational or even reasonable with ourselves let alone other people. And yet we all come with all the gooey fun bits that make babies.

And we all love to harping on about our rights over our children. I don't believe this is rational. I think the rights and protections of children and their innocence come in as my first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth priority. And yet the modern cultural discourse is "parental rights."

Yet denying this discussion as a step in the right direction would be irrational.

Irrationality and incongruency is a universal constant among humans. Not evidence to prove that people don't act like people.

Why would someone who knows what happened to Kyle Rittenhouse think that any given actor needs to be rational or thinking congruently in order to make decisions? Would it not follow that the person in question would simply be making irrational decisions. The people who attacked kyle were not acting rationally. They were acting in a way that was incongruous with their own lives.

And yet they acted.

And yes crossing state lines while doing certain things does happen to be a crime. I know you wanna pretend it isn't because of the lies and smears on Kyle. The whole point of that debacle was that the rifle was ALWAYS in Kenosha. The WHOLE POINT was that the rifle DIDN'T cross state lines. It was a lie.

Get your fucking head out of your fucking incel ass you glowie faggot ass incel low info fucking mongoloid incel. Stop acting like men have no problems to deal with for themselves, grow the fuck up. Be a man, move away from the city, go to church, find a fucking wife. Be grateful, stop being resentful. It's just as selfish and narcissistic and irrational as any culty feminist man hater you could point to.

Except for you it's infinitely more pathetic and disgusting. Because you aren't a woman. Seeing a man think the way you do make me feel filthy. Just the act of trying to understand your headspace and reasoning makes me feel like a weaker, more resentful, less valuable man. Interacting with men like you in person makes my fucking skin CRAWL. It feels dirty. It feels like if I spend too much time around it I may not be able to wash it off my skin.

Your pathetic, ungrateful, narcissistic, resentful, and most of all weak frame of mind makes me feel genuine disgust.

Be a fucking man. Nothing on earth is more unnatural and unattractive than a resentful man. A resentful man is a weak man. Weak men are beyond worthless. You need dirt to grow crops. You even need all the bugs and worms and detritus within the dirt.

But a weak man not only brings nothing to the table, but must actually take from the table to sustain his existence. A weak man is a drain on himself and everyone around him.

No wonder women have evolved such a revile and distaste for any man willing to hold onto resentment. Especially resentment directed at women.

You wanna get that dick wet and stop being a broken glowie cuck-brained incel?

Be grateful. Learn to groom yourself. Be grateful. Go to the gym. Be grateful. Leave the city. Be grateful. Go to church. Be grateful. Find a wife. Be grateful.

If you can't manage gratitude in the face of hardship then you're already lost. You've proven yourself weak. And you will fulfill your own prophecy.

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Or you could just... wash yourself and not be ritualistically mutilated by your own parents.

Teach my kid to use soap... Mutilate my kids genitals.... Teach my kid to use soap... Mutilate my kids genitals....

Tough choice. I think I'll go with the ritualistic mutilation because being a parent and teaching self responsibility in hygiene to children is too much work for me.

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No, it's because they use lean meat. If you want a great burger get the highest fat content beef you can. Believe me, everyone knows it

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Correct. Formula should be used as a caloric supplement. There are women out there with full busty bosoms who simply don't produce enough milk to keep their babies fat and growing. It's not their fault and it isn't their failure. There are some women with totally flat chests who produce more than enough for multiple babies. Those women who produce enough to donate it to those who need it are heroes.

Not the fake "I wear a mask at work so I'm superman" bullshit. But legit "babies have full bellies because of me" heroes.

Nothing beats breastmilk for nutrition and early development. But sometimes a few extra calories to keep those little ones chunky and growing is absolutely necessary.

If Demonrats think that they can piss off baby killing bitches enough to win the next elections they have no clue how pissed off people with starving children are gonna be.

A baby needs a fresh infusion of calories every couple of hours. If a newborn doesn't have milk within the first hour after birth brain damage starts in.

30 minutes after that it's likely the child won't survive.

We are being ruled by literal demons.

To say we will be forced to go to war with them soon is no hyperbole.

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Yes don't believe our lying eyes and ears. All videos are fake and we are just lying about him. Oz is pro killing babies, pro sexual mutilation of children, and anti 2A.

It's ALL on fucking video and you are the fucking liar.

Get your head out of your fucking dickhole and pay attention.

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Those things are contributing factors to her beauty. if your wife doesn't have any of those things but looks hot then she isn't very beautiful. if she has all these things in spades and looks halfway decent then she's beautiful.

Women should realize that men falling over themselves to see a womans beauty is about much more than physical appearance.

Acting like men only see the skin is the same as acting like women are only the skin.

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To think our brave little brother started these worldwide protests without us.

It would be downright wrong for a big bro not to throw in his weight.

We give you a lot of shit for your cucked leadership but we are behind you guys 100%

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There is an UNMISTAKABLE bulge of a LARGE penis in those pants!!

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I'm already applying for jobs left and right. I'm just looking for extra resources so I can go down fighting this tooth and nail. I want them to be told that what they're doing is wrong and make them have to deal with the fact that they did it willingly. and 20 years from now I'll be able to prove that I did what I could. And I'll have the names and proof of the people who did nothing saying they fought just as hard and they knew all along.

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That's how I feel. That's why I'm here, I couldn't think of anywhere else to get any kind of advice. Short of a lawyer that I cannot afford.

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They are paying but I don't care. It's time out of my day that they aren't paying for. It's gas and miles on my car that again, they won't be paying for. Besides that it's wrong for an employer to even ask about my status on any disease.

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I'm not going to. Just wanna live my life. Wanna go out fighting on this one.

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I'm asking how I can do that. Being an asshole will only make them glad I'm gone when they force me out.

Being toxic towards the people I'm working with will simply vindicate their decision to fire me over this.

I'm not going to give them grounds to fire me until I force them to over their mandatory testing. I'm not going to cuss, show up late, mess up one warranty or tax sale. I'm going to be the perfectly professional employee until the fire me for trying to force a medical procedure onto me

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I'll never get it. I don't care if I'm living in the mountains of Montana in a cave out of a backpack next year. I just want to know what I can do here and now rather than take it lying down.

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I already had it. Even my boss agrees that I cannot get the virus nor can i spread it. But he just keeps telling me that it's not about me it's about the protection of everyone else there. Everyone else being those who are vaccinated. So he admits I'm immune, and believes he is immune because of the vaccine. And still wants to enforce these rules for the protection of everyone else.

The doublethink is terrifying to me and he just doesn't get it.

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You aren't thanos. That isn't an argument. you just sound fucking retarded when you say shit like that thinking it will make any fucking sense.

Your booster shot fried your brain.

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