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Parents didn't speak English and I don't think fully understood what was going on. Private schools in Greenwich can be over 30k a year.

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At least these EVs all look like the people who will buy them.

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What is bizarre is the persistence and volume of responses that completely ignore everything I post.

Even on a day old story.

I don't care about what gets posted about the catholic church it has zero effect on me or relevance to me. Say whatever you want. It must suck to have been molested or whatever, I wish you the best in your recovery, but it has nothing to do with the point I am trying to make.

I don't defend any person or institution that abuses children.

I am making simple to follow and consistent comments on how easily manipulated people are to ignoring reality and have their passions directed towards our enemies chosen cause.

My arguments are confirmed over and over with comments arguing against points I have never made.

However, the second something needs to be said that is not already commonly accepted where are these same people?

Hiding, waiting for someone braver then them to speak up.

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I know, 50 people have repeated the same thing.

Every person in the country is intimately aware of what occurred. I have never seen one person defend any of it.

At this point I am seriously starting to doubt these mostly identical posts are even made by real people.

Almost word for word the same here, reddit, and everwhere else when these stories pop up.

Never a similar response to any other abuse stories.

Major pedo ring busted in GA this week, rainbow flag waveing protestants sold kids to a gay couple to be pimped and abused.

If you can even find the story somewhere.

Read the comments.


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All of media makes that claim by selecting who to target when these issues are wide spread.

Human trafficking, grooming, straight up abuse occurs wherever there are victims.

Such passion in each of these threads with every post being the same old comments, dunking on the rotting corpses of destroyed institutions.

Institutions destroyed by the enemies of our country. For reasons that are obvious.

The same tactics everytime, take something ubiquitous, albeit evil to begin with in this case, selectively expose it in this case, vilify it others and target the wrath towards the entity to be conquerd.

I wish there was the same passion shown by people here in trying to expose where these abuses are being facilitied today.

Use that passion to join a school board and help root this shit out of your local school district .

Unless you were molested by a priest, in which case rage on with your irrelevant Jihad against the already destroyed institution.

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I am not defending anything. I am attacking the willful ignorance that shows itself every time this topic comes up.

You are in pure denial if you think this type of abuse only extends to specific institutions. Not to mention that these targeted institutions are universally hated by the left.

These are not hard dots to connect.

The only time the left and their propagandists care about children at all is when they can use them to attack one of the few institutions they don't have total unquestioned control of.

Most people posting here see through this bullshit on almost all topics but buy into it completely when it comes to child abuse.

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I am focused on the real issue at hand. I am also not sure what makes me required to defend any institution. I care only about defending children.

The government schools are able to abuse children with little scrutiny. That is the issue.

Government schools should be held to a much higher standard then a church. Many more children are forced to attend them.

If you look at it from the perspective of how to protect the most children it is clear where people should be focused.

The propagandists know passing blame off on religious institutions is one of the easiest ways to shelter the protected classes.

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One of the best posts I've read on this site. This is something everyone should read.

Our enemies have created an environment where all abuse of children gets tied to one institution.

This provides cover for the true organised entities that conduct most of the evil.

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Penn State. Same thing different institution. That's just the most known example.

Does anyone defend the evil that occurred in the church? No.

The fact that one institution stays front of mind whenever these atrocities are discussed is a true testament to the effectiveness of the propaganda that rules our lives.

It is clear as day cover for the much larger problem no one talks about.

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I think it is a coping mechanism for many to think that these issues are localized in one institution.

You need to be purposefully ignorant to not see that the predators will go to where their pray is.

People in this threads are arguing that the government schools don't hide the abuse and shuffle teachers around. It's laughable.

Just think of the numbers of children who go to government school compared to the numbers thay go to catholic church it must be 1000s to 1.

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Look up Penn State, the most covered case because it involved football.

Or the Loudon County school district in Virginia

The abuse in government schools and other protected institutions is beyond rampent. Most of the time there need be no cover up becaue no one is interested in exposing it in the first place.

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To make what Brandon did seem like no big deal. It's just something that happens all the time.

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The person I was replying to said Crowder pulls in $40 million a year. There isn't a snowballs chance in hell YouTube is paying Tim pool that much.

Bottom line is as this nonsense drags on on 2 thing are clear. Everyone is lying and none of us have a clue about what these people make.

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Pool does it with 1/5 the audience and not nearly as much money to startup with.

I don't think we are getting the whole story.

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If what you are saying is true he wouldn't be on the market.

40 million a year is plenty to produce the shows he runs and take a massive salary.

He obviously needs something.

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I remember this one, you have to punch its gut when it's arms are up.

Otherwise you can't knock it out.

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It's a lot harder to have any sort of conversation on here. That used to be what separated us from other places.

Now if you make any attempt to engage someone on their ideas they just go straight to personal insults.

It's a shame.

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I am here all the time. Never seen one example.

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Thank you for a well thought out response.

I didn't intend to use the term profit sharing in the accounting sense more in the coloquial sense.

Crowder was not going to lose access to any IP that wasn't created under the DW contract. He would get all rights back at contract end.

It was his choice to retain production and the amount he was being paid was to reflect that burden.

When you enter a contract like this you know that your pay is driven by the profit you generate. This is not sharing a Christmas bonus with the guy that flips burgers style profit sharing.

When I talk about a good business man I am talking about efficiency. The amount of money an individuals company can take from what was available. Not how much money a person was able to get for themselves.

My employees pay was effectively cut for lack of performance because their base pay was substantially below the market value for their services. All employees earned almost double market value in these contracts because they worked hard and took their share of our profits.

If they decided to take six months to cruise the world they could and they were paid just their base.

But your right about your other points in that scenario which is why you would never offer that model to an established independent entity like Crowder too risky for a small business like DW.

A recurring revenue model business for a company with 50 to 100 million in annual sales in one market like mine was is very easy to forecast and track when you understand your business.

I could see everything in real time on one power bi dashboard. I could forecast my p/l months in advance with great accuracy.

A business owner that didn't figure out how to gain access to this info in this manner falls short of what I call a good businessman.

I sold to a company with 5 times the headcount and the same net profit as I had. The difference was efficiency.

Crowder did not find his success through his business acumen he had benifactors supporting him, again his reaction to this makes that obvious.

A soccer star is not a great business man because he made 100s of millions. An only fans whore who went from the street to making millions is not on par with an Elon.

These individuals also did very well for themselves but did not create efficient self sustainable entities. Obviously, some do, but most don't.

If you tell me Crowder has hundreds of employees and operates a large and profitable business larger then himself and his followers. Then I will need to take a different look at this. That is not my understanding. I based my arguments on him being a talent with patrons. Using others infrastructure for payment collection, reach and platform.

He is an artist a free thinker and an entertainer first. Someone with way more money then DW will pay him just for those talents alone. If even just to be their own court jester.

DW is a for profit business first. Their intial offer was not a good one, on its face, but it was a good starting point.

His pay absolutely would be determined by DW and again this is just from a business standpoint. Simplified

DW could say we would like to purchase 190 episodes of your show for 10 million with exclusive rights to market them and profit from them as we see fit and we will give you a bonus of 10 million if certain criteria are met. Better for Crowder as he knows the minimum he is making no matter what.

DW could say we want to buy the same number for 20 million but if we can only profit a certain amount from them we will withold 10 million. Better for DW because they can more easily forecast the maximum they could lose from the trickle down fallout of the criteria they established.

Both scenarios are better then the path he is going in from the standpoint of his personal risk. Both are possible under a renegotiated version of the offered contract structure.

Why do we just all assume that 2 years from now anyone cares about him at all? That is the risk DW takes. Crowder could fulfill all of the obligations with shit shows no one watches and make his millions stress free.

If Crowder was interested in participating in the growth and profitability of DW the framework for negotiation was there.

From a business operation efficiency stand point Crowder is completely wrong.

From a personal integrity standpoint If DW offered him the exact same contract as worded but a 150 million value he would have signed immediately.

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You have no idea about the reality of capitalism.

This is how it is done and a society cannot function without it being this way.

The battles need to be fought on the battlefield that exists not the one you wished existed in your head.

There is a major difference between a benefactor and a business partner. Figure it out and it will start to make sense to you.

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