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I hope this includes hybrids. I know a liberal faggot cuck from Tennessee that bought some lame foreign hybrid car.

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I kinda wish the people that are at risk from dying of fetanyl abuse would just do it. Cull thag segment of the population and maybe get our government to take the southern border seriously.

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The gun to the head is a great touch LOL

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Marvel is falling off. Black Panther 2 had a worse opening than Dr Strange 2.

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Wow a fake screenshot with no actual info.

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Its a longwinded way of saying "its not real communism."

Like you think you know what it is cause you're gonna cite all its failures but those weren't real communism.

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Imagine how much more successful they could be if dems didnt fuck up corporate tax laws or import regs.

But by all means keep confusing individual companies with industries you obtuse troll.

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Dems fuck up every industry they touch but if there was one I'd think they wouldn't it'd be pot. Turns out they even fuck up that one.

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No one likes biden. Anyone that voted for him did so solely because they mindlessly hated trump

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Some irrelevant old guy that the boomers who post here still care about for some strange reason.

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Very underrates comment. Sanders scowled Vermont for a city with low voter turnout where he could weasel his way into power. Fatterman did the same thing in PA.

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Remember when she cried when Hillary lost

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All humans are clumps of cells. Brain cells, nerve cells, bone cells, etc.

Thats a much more effective counter argument to that ridiculous clump of cells line they always spew.

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If you really wanna go down that road I could cite all kinds of messed up lyrics from older music about things like banging underage girls or jerking off.

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Rite Aid has been closing stores all over the country. This likely happened regardless if there was mass theft or not.

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