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Lol wind. It was 7 degrees at my house yesterday. Am I supposed to fly a helicopter up to my turbine to de-ice it with jetfuel like the pros do?

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Lodge cast iron pans

Midwest tin snips

Channelock pliers

Ruger firearms

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I hunt.

Theres a foot of snow on my roof and six inches of it in my driveway.

Shove your solar panel up your ass.

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I told a covidian over a year ago that I'll believe its a real pandemic when he kills his dog. That usually sets those people off LOL

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Im convinced no one on a dating app is there for a real relationship.

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Gay people are so gross.

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Watching that kraut weasel squirm when Trump grilled him about this was one of the highlights of his presidency. Went right to europe and called these faggots out to their faces.

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This is why republicans either lose or are completely ineffective.

"Yeah we want smaller government but how would it actually be possible????"

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This is your new account? Jeez dude. Dont you have a Dan Crenshaw fansite you could spend your time on instead of here?

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Hard to boycott a company Ive never even heard of.

by Clabber
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Who gives a shit what someone posts on reddit?

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