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Democrat telling blacks on a black show that he will release blacks if blacks vote for him.

Get rid of him.

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Magical free green anti-Trump energy goes into my virtue signaling space car!

---fueled by coal

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One of ours is worth 100 of theirs. And he isnt the first.

Get ready pedes, its time.

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ill transcipt and translate:

"we wuz kangz and shiet so kill whitey cause obama was black and rest in peace saint george ffloyd we aint gonna get no popo un err asses you"


As a black man I have no consequence in killing someone based on their race because the current social, legal, and political norms allow it.

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"Just walk away, Pede, because you made a nasty tweet 4 years ago"

Fixed it for you.

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He's not running to help, he's just casually walking after gunshots rang out 20 seconds earlier.

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Note the police officer just walking not giving a fuck. Remember this.