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Yeah bro, It sure does. But He will live on through you brother.

Do him proud.

The similarity of the initials warms my heart.

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It's a tough one, I can assure you.

Dad and I were close, but I still wish I'd spent more time just talking to him, and being there for him. Once they're gone, that's that.

Make the time, brother. Trust me. You won't regret it.

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Much appreciated. He is now at rest.

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Thankyou. It's appreciated. Truly.

It's comforting to be able to write a little piece about him, and have people offer their condolences.

I just know he's up there, happy-as-larry that he's finally got a post on his favorite website about him. He truly was MAGA.

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Honestly, that made me tear up a little seeing his initials repeated.

Thanks man. You're too kind.

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Amen to that.

I will always remember him. I'm probably more like him than I'll ever realize.

I'll look forward to the day of shit-posting with my boy!

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It's good people like you, and the thousands of other people that make it a 'thing'

Appreciated man.

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Yeah, it's tough aye man. Doesn't quite seem real.

I'm sorry for your loss, Friend.

Having a project together sounds really cool man.

Your vision, is his vision. I bet you what you end up doing, is exactly what he would have done. After all...You are your fathers, son.

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He was a straight lurker! Just used to read and laugh, and tell me about the good ones!

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Thanks a lot mate. Really appreciate it. He'll be chuffed that there's a post about him on PDW!

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Amen to that Brother.

He was a good man.