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Doing the heavy lifting. Tracing every detail of the fraud is the way.

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Kyle’s situational awareness is way beyond his years.

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The time has been now since...now.

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So if I upvote this?? Is it Zucked-up?😂 Dop(amine) comment.

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His wife had to grab this glowie by the NUTS to keep him from beating the shit out of her. Sounds like a model FBI employee.

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The innocent Patriots who entered the Capitol, after being invited in, are in prison. The ANTIFA that actioned the crime and infiltrated the crowd have been paid off and are on to their next assignment. And the only shooting that occurred that day remains uninvestigated (by the perps who orchestrated this whole FF).

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Don't have a sad face and lonely heart Ms. pepe. We're here for you and there and plenty of frens to brighten your day! 💖

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Not a small detail at all. Before you attribute "so you're saying" statements - just do some preliminary work. It will help you build a strong argument and not a weak one.

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There are 333 million people in the US. There are 1,445,000,000 people in China. If you find it hard to believe it’s because you are not able to perform basic math if you think that’s 1/3.

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There are more Christians in China than there are people in America.

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He threw shade at Biden during the ceremony and completed the pass.

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Biden's Finance Minister George mOrewell.

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The entirety of entertainment is predictive programming. Rush used to point to a phrase coined by Patrick Moynihan: "defining deviancy down." (http://www.whatwouldthefoundersthink.com/defining-deviancy-down)

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What a gig. Selling COVID Bullshit to the masses: We must make our election between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude..[we will] have no time to think, no means of calling our miss-managers to account but be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains on the necks of our fellow-sufferers... And this is the tendency of all human governments. A departure from principle in one instance becomes a precedent for [another ]... till the bulk of society is reduced to be mere automatons of misery... Thomas Jefferson

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