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Yeah but you still have to campaign there, you still have to go out and shake hands & kiss babies, you still have to win elections and overcome Democrat shenanigans in all those various precincts.

There is a fuck ton more work and effort required if you’re running as a conservative, all because Dems have more people? Because they allow their states to be flooded by illegals, they should be allowed more seats by default? Fuck that. The red states produce food and oil and resources that the blue states all eat up, why the fuck aren’t the red states worth more?

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“What do you mean, “YOU people?””

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Look at all the red on that map. There is a shit ton more red than blue (definitely more than double), how in the fuck does that only equate to a 7 seat lead?

The Dems really are the undisputed champions of stacking the deck and rigging the game, aren’t they?

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“Here’s why it matters...”

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“I can’t recall...”

“Not to the best of my knowledge...”

“Oh Lordy...”

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Circle black...

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Nah he said “in cheek” not in asshole.

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Exactly, they do it for religious reasons too. Literally fuckin DECADES of precedent, but the media retards are all acting like in siding with the parents the judge would be breaking every conceivable law known to mankind.

Every goddam article I see now is “Ministry intervene as misinformed parents endanger child...”

“Antivax parents deny child life saving treatment...”

If they get away with this shit, and actually take that baby from his parents, then there’s really nothing stopping them from declaring it the new precedent. And wouldn’t you know it, just in time for the new MRNA rollout they’ve prepared for the next fake measles “pandemic” the WHO have been so moist for the past few days. Prior immunisations and traditional vaccines just won’t do against this NEW strain, no sir. We either jab your kids here and now, or we take them from you and do it anyway later.

If it comes to that I’ll take my kids and bail, where I know not, but these two islands can tip over and sink into the pacific for all I care.

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That’s the thing though. They’ve already got 20 donors lined up. Everyone already screened, everything ready to go. All the asshole doctors need to do is actually go ahead and start the procedure, but they refuse. They’re willing to let a baby die to prove a point.

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The economy is great.

Gas is so cheap.

Elections are completely legitimate and trustworthy.

No one is dying from the vaccines.

Politicians have noble intentions and the banks just wanna see us all succeed!

🌈 🦄 🏰 🏳️‍🌈 🇺🇦 ✊🏾

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Knowing the deep state assholes as we do, I hope he’s got a fleet of fuckin ED209’s patrolling his front yard.

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Gonna be diddled for sure.

Fuckin sick freaks

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Hmm, on the one hand an evil totalitarian regime, run by madmen looking to subjugate the entire planet, with its boot on its citizens’ throats, advancing its agenda by any means necessary...

And on the other hand, China...


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2015: Ugh, there you conservatards go again with the slippery slope comment 😒🙄

No one is coming for your kids.

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